Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day

Casual Courtney wants to wish you a very happy leap day!

Casual Courtney rarely makes an appreence in real life, let alone in blog world. But seeing as I will be in class from 9am to 9pm today (leap day) and my fibromyalgia has been acting up, I decided to leap into something comfortable and make an exception. I think it is still pretty cute, despite the casualness, would you agree?

Parisian Chic

"Totes Les Filles Sont Folles"
Translation: All The Girls Are Mad!
This fall (2012) I will be spending the season in a Parisian paradise... jealous? well dry those green eyes and join me by indulging in Kate Spades fall 2012 collection.

Although we wont be able to buy these goodies until september (boo, where is time travel when you need it most!) we can drool over some of these perfect paris inspired products...
I am obsessed with pretty much all of it, from the bold bangs to the polka dot nails... but for my budgets sake, lets pick out a few things that will simply have to make the journey to my closet...  
In order of appearance: The people print dress, blue bow jacket (soo major... it has to happen!), red flats (basically all the shoes...) that polka dot jacket (gasp!), polka dot gloves (double gasp!), black and white polka dot cardigan (there seems to be a pattern emerging...), the pardon my french tee and feather fringe skirt that its shown with (seriously... is it september yet?), the polka dot pumps and those amazing yellow pants. (in the image above) The gold dot flats and the glittery ballroom esque shoes!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Peach Punch

If you haven''t been to a Kate Spade store or the website in february, you really should stop by, it will brighten your day... literally! The store is covered with bold pops of florescent coral and patent peaches! I drew inspiration from this powerful pallet for today's look and challenged myself by wearings pants (ghasp!).

Sunday, February 26, 2012

fashion recap: the oscars

Its finally here... Hollywoods biggest night out, The 84th Academy Awards!
Lets not waste any more time, and get right into seeing some of the stars that shined on the red carpet this evening....

Of course I am beyond obsessed with Natalie Portman's vintage 1954 polkadot Haute Couture Christian Dior gown.
Although I am not an Angelina fan, she always wows on the red carpet, and this velvet Atelier Versace number was no exception!
George Clooney brought his own oscar to the awards, the golden dipped beauty: Stacy Keibler in Marchesa. Kate Mara from American Horror story also stunned in Jack Guisso.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

bubbly boho

I was inspired by Nichole Richi cira 2009ish and her boho glam style today (up top), and a bit by Gaga (look south of my ankles), but I had to add some over-the-top accessories and a girly twist to make it my own.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

project peacoat

I love my lady readers (girl power!), but this one's for the guys!
The reader request above serves as the inspiration this man candy post...
 Since I wear pea-coats in a different, less masculine way, I started by getting inspired by some stylish men! (and don't worry ladies, they aren't too shabby to look at either!)
Post inspiration, I was able to come up with a few different ways to wear the classic peacoat!

Pop in Plaid:
This first look spices up the winter weather with the perfect pops of colorful pattern.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nude Sneakers

Check out this reader request from the always fabulous Jackie!
I too love the idea of tan converse Jackie, and we aren't the only ones...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spade Steals: Belts $$$

Back by popular demand, is another Spade Worthy Steals look!
This time, I'm showing you two ways to get the kate spade look for less in beautiful belts!
Let me begin by stating that Kate Spade belts are not that pricey and are better quality than the imitator products, so I recommend investing in one of these belted beauties. However, for you fashionistas on a budget, I found some ways to get the look for less.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

print, please

When its done right, mixing prints can give you an unexpectedly chic look that pushes your own personal style boundaries. This blair-inspired look aims to do just that by pairing subtle prints for a head turning look.  

Friday, February 17, 2012

Case Of The Stripes

I'm afraid I have fallen ill...
They have yet to find a cure for my current condition ... and I hope they never do!

These next few looks will be all about stripes and feature three striped inspired styles. Our first look features one of my favorite dresses, what I like to call "My Barbie Dress". Lets take a peak!

 I remixed my "barbie dress" by layering it over a black and white long sleeve to shield me from the cold weather. 
 I also added a leopard belt to mix patterns and add some edge to a very girlie look.
Shirt: B&W striped long sleeve, H&M. Dress: Pink tulip dress, Zara spring 2011. Belt: Calf-hair leopard skinny belt, Express. Tights: Black, Capezio. Shoes: Mary Janes, Jessica Simpson. Jewelry: Idom Bangles, Kate Spade & All Wrapped Up ring/earrings, Kate Spade. 

This second Case Of The Stripes look is just peachy, with bold punches of some of my favorite colors for spring: cute corals and pretty pops of peach!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines day!
I wanted to spread some love today to all of you wonderful followers! Thank you so much for reading, commenting and requesting! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it!

Think Pink!
Of course I am decked out in Valentines day colors today! But, while working at the store this morning, I channeled my inner Nicki Minaj for a festive look!
It Girl Style:
On holidays, I always like to think about what my favorite fashionistas would be wearing! So today I am answering WWBW (what would blair wear) with my pick for Blair Waldorf's date night look!
I hope your valentines days are full of sugary sweets and valentines treats! I would love to see pictures from some of your date night looks! <3

 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png
    photo adb21650-800e-47ce-afef-1aa1420e977f_zpsc6235b89.jpg

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day Date

Thanks for joining me for another hooray post! With Valentines day just around the corner, this will be one of the last posts of this segment!
This post is dedicated to providing you with unique outfits tailored to your personal style for you to wear on a day date!
Vintage Glam:
If your style is shabby chic and draws inspiration from vintage styles, this first look is for you! It reminds me of something Taylor Swift would wear while shopping in the city.

Sweet & Sophisticated:
For the put together girl with the big smile and a bigger personality, this second look is calling your name.
 Cute & Casual:
Our third look was made for the casual gal who is often on the go but always still manages to look cute.
 All American Girl:
Do you feel more comfortable in jeans and boots then anything else? If so, this look was made for you and your all american style.
Any sailor girl will adore this flirty striped look that's perfect for a day date! 
 Girlie Glam:
Think pink! The fashionista girlie girl will fall in love with this twirl-worthy tulle look inspired by Carrie Bradshaw with kate spade touches.
Geek Chic:
Its not rocket science, the glasses wearing gal can still feel fun and flirty this valentines day in a cute geek chic ensemble!
What Would Courtney Wear:
Here is my favorite valentines day date look featuring one of the new Florence Broadhurst for Kate Spade products!

Fashion Recap: Grammys

Welcome back to another fashion recap! This time we discuss the looks of some of the biggest names in music at the 2012 Grammy Awards! I love the Grammy's because its a less formal event that allows, and even encourages the stars to have some fun with their fashion choices!
Although, all together tonight's looks were less-eye catching when compared to previous years, I still must respect the spirit of the Grammys. As a result, I won't be classifying the looks as "best" and "worst" or giving any outfits makeovers like I usually do. Instead I just want to show you some of the must see looks!

Alicia Keys:
The amazing vocalist looked stunning in an lbd with a striking gold statement necklace.
 Kelly Osborn:
One of my favorite fashionistas did not disappoint in a gorgeous glittery gown and pastel purple hair!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Spade Steals $$$

I used to say I had a "Love Hate" relationship with Kate Spade, where I loved her products and hated her prices, if you too fall into that category then this post is for you! Get the Kate Spade look for less with Spade-worthy steals!
I more than anyone am the biggest fan of all things kate spade, not only for the design but also for the service and quality associated with a KSNY purchase. That being said, I also understand craving to own such goodies but being financially unable to obtain them! 

The first look for less is a popular pair of flats that flew off the Kate Spade flats last spring. Their gone now, but you can still get the look for less at Old Navy
Next up is a trench twin! This durable Kate Spade trench is new for spring 2012 complete with black and white printed lining is worth the money, but if it is a bit out of your price range this trench from british retailer BooHoo should suffice!

Super Bowl Chic

This post is dedicated to the best (and perhaps the only) giants fan I know! A real stand up guy, Kenneth Carnivale! Goodluck to you and your team Kenny! I'm rooting for you :)

Super Bowl Chic!
Come Sunday, whether you are most excited for the for the football, the frenzy or just the fatty food (guilty!)... Sports Fans, this one's if for you :)
One of the biggest games of the year is right around the corner, complete with screening parties and social gathering, all chances for you to enjoy the company of friends and fellow fans while looking fabulous! So here's your go to guide to look the best by being super bowl chic!

First up, four ways to look gorgeous in giant gear!

Mix & Maxi
Looks casually chic by mixing a comfy maxi skirt with a slouchy tee and cute converse.