Monday, March 31, 2014

Going Gingham

It's Spring - or so they say, nyc is still pretty chilly -
So now is the perfect time to start testing out some of the seasons new trends!
One that was all over the runway for the third year in a row is gingham. Gingham is great - this perfect picnic print puts everyone in a good mood!
Designers like Derek Lam, Balmain, Carven, Delpozo and Oscar De La Renta showcased gingham prints with a cool twist in their SS14 collections, but this fashion-forward trend is super wearable and can easily translate into everyday outfits! To prove it to you, I'm sharing twelve ways to wear it this season.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Saved by the Bell

 I'm channeling my high school alter-ego today with bomber I borrowed from the boys and a look that screams back to school cool!

Monday, March 24, 2014

What to wear for spring 10 pieces >> 100 outfits !!!!

Oh Hello Spring!
In the spirit of rebirth - today's post is a crash course in a closet makeover!

A few Spring investment pieces can really reinvigorate your whole wardrobe and make you feel brand spankin' new for Spring! So today I'm helping you build your spring wardrobe!

Back by popular demand, here is the spring edition of 10 pieces >> 100 outfits - where I show you how to get 100 outfits by investing in 10 new pieces for spring and working with the basics you probably already have in your closet!


Fun flats, novelty prints and florals are all the rage this Spring so your investments should include a Novelty print blouse, Patterned Sneakers and a Floral dress. This spring is about playing with proportion, so Midi Skirts and Crop Tops are a closet must have! Ripped Jeans are back and boyfriends are the new skinnies so tackle two trends at once with distressed boyfriend jeans. Pastels are huge for Spring so invest in a Pastel leather jacket to fight off the occasional spring chill and a complimentary pastel pump. These pieces will wear well together so pick colors that can play off each other without being too matchy-matchy. I suggest two shades of powder blue, but lilac and orchid or baby pink and dusty pink will also work! Round out your wardrobe with two patterned basics like a polka dot (or graphic) blouse, and a trench with a twist!


I'm a firm believer in basics! Every gal should have a few statement necklaces, denim shirt, jean jacket, crisp white button up, black tank, brown belt and wear-every-day-wedges in her wardrobe. Plus you probably have a simple graphic tee, full skirt, white jeans and metallic gladiators since these were such big trends in the past! Last summer was all about the Zara skort, which has quickly become a closet staple and closet must-have!

Shop the Basics:

I first created this post for fall when I created 100 outfits out of the 10 investment pieces I bought for the new season // see the full post here // After getting an overwhelming amount of requests to do it again, I knew I had to recreate it for spring! So without further a due, here's you ten ways to wear each investment piece!
This year, spring florals are a little more graphic and bold. So a classy, floral, tube dress is a spring must!
Shop Floral Dresses:

Friday, March 21, 2014

Taylor Morgan Obsessed

I really love my ...
Taylor Morgan Bracelets!
Today I'm sharing one of the best gifts turned closet staple, I ever received!
Have you heard? My NYC friends are crazy talented.
The amazing Claire Eliza is an international wedding and fashion photographer and my hilarious bestie Sheree is an SNL star in the making, to name a few. But today we're talking The Taylor Morgan - My life long friend, part-time blogger, full-time fashionista, FIT grad, amazing wife, DIY queen and Tommy Hilfiger designer. OH and if that wasn't enough, she makes jewelry too! So when Taylor generously showered me with Taylor Morgan jewels on Christmas morning, I was over the moon and have been wearing, no living in her amazing bracelets ever since!

Taylor started making jewelry when she wanted to buy a simple, classic, chain bracelet and but couldn't find anything desirable for under $100. I don't mind splurging when necessary, but $100 is a little steep for a chain bracelet! Taylor felt the same, so she started making her own - I told you, she's awesome! After she shared her creation, the requests came pouring in and thus the Taylor Morgan jewelry line was born. The best part? her gorgeous jewels are comparable in quality to what you would find and J.crew or Bauble Bar, but for under $50!

Shop Taylor Morgan:
plus necklaces and darling bracelets available here

XO Courtney
photocred: photos 1, 2, and 5 by claire eliza

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


 I'm playing stripe queen for a day! I said yes to graphic B&W and mixed color blocking with jail-bird stripes for a neutral mix with a twist! I've been feeling a little out of it lately, just overwhelmed and not myself. It's not so fun, but outfits can be the perfect pick-me-up ... and a little pattern play always does the trick!

// H&M Black White Color Block Full Skirt (similar) //
// Zara Black White Stripe Crop Top (similar here) // Zara Coat //
// Karen Walker Sunnies (similar under $60) // H&M Gold Rings //
// Black Coach Willis Handbag // Taylor Morgan Gold Link Bracelet //
// Kate Spade Booties (similar here) // Saks Belt from My Sisters Closet //

It's MARCH... so it's supposed to be Spring! But most days it's still too cold to wear skirts without tights ... and after months of doubling up to keep warm I'm SO OVER stepping into them. For this look, I opted for knee high socks instead! They kept me warmish without forcing me to pull on another pair of tights - where are you Spring!?
We also teamed up for NYFW, See all of the NYFW X Claire Eliza posts
XO Courtney Quinn

Monday, March 17, 2014

Pretty in Pink

Although I love tulle and twirl-worthy skirts, super-girly colors aren't usually my thing. But with pastels having such a big moment this spring and again this fall I decided to dabble with this darling MinkPink dress and matching beret. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Back to Basics

I pride myself on dressing outside the lines with my out-of-the-box style, but sometimes you have to strip things down to the basics and keep it simple. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Paris Afternoon

I've been a little Paris obsessed lately, I blame the combination of Paris fashion week and the first sights of spring. With bright prints, fresh flowers and baguettes on the brain (I'm not sure why I think baguettes are a spring thing?), I can't help by pair stripes with a printed scarf for another Parisian-esuqe wannabe ensemble.

Monday, March 10, 2014

West Village Weekend

Monday's can always be a little bit sour when you have to return to the 9 to 5 (well, mine's more of a 9-7) grind. But it's even harder to get up and get going when you're coming off a wonderful weekend with warmer weather - wow, that was a lot of dubs!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Parisian Wannabe

With Paris fashion week in full swing, I am doing what any wannabe would... keeping my eyes on instagram, holding on to Vogue for dear life (oh hey, Rih Rih) and pretending to be Parisian of course.

I've lived in New York, San Francisco and even briefly Australia (on exchange), so am in now way "travel deprived" but am still in desperate need of a Parisian get away. I've been to Paris, once ... in middle school! That same year I had a "punk" Courtney phase complete with a strong commitment to black tee's, too much eyeliner and flipped out pink tips, so obviously my taste level was at an all time low... I mostly remember complaining about too many stairs and not enough restrooms at the Eiffel Tower (middle schoolers are the worst) and gorging myself on snails. But on a positive note, I bought my first beret and discovered my life long love for escargot ... and butter.
Black Fit&Flare Madewell dress // Vintage red beret (similar) // Black Coach Willis handbag (with silver hardware) // Striped Forever 21 turtleneck (similar) // Black button Christian Louboutin pumps // Saks 5th Avenue belt via My Sisters Closet // H&M Rings // C.wonder Rings // Vintage silk scarf // Mac Ruby Woo Red Lipstick
Let's be honest, bloggers (myself included) can get a little annoying when it comes to fashion week(s). And although I love having my intafeed flooded with french pics, it can sometimes get a bit obnoxious (and yes, I do realize my annoyance is probably 90 percent jealousy... don't judge me). But there is nothing pesky about the fabulous Chriselle Lim or her parisian posts, I've been living vicariously through her all week long!
So I think a colorful trip to PariĆ© is far overdue. And since my Boyfriend's name is Paris and macaroons are my favorite dessert (they're gluten free!) I feel like we should be able to go free of charge, wouldn't you agree?! Until Paris gets the message I'll continue to sport bright berets and semi-obnoxious french-esuqe hats that would make any true Parisian embarrassed to be seen with me. 
XO Courtney

Monday, March 3, 2014

MinkPink x Christina Perri

Last week I was lucky enough to attend Atlantic Record's private party and mini concert in celebration of singer, songwriter and overall superstar Christina Perri and her new album Heart or Head!
I'll be honest, mainstream music has never really been my thing. I mean, my morning commute couldn't be made possible without Burno Marz, I dance alone in my room to One Direction almost daily and cure shopping coma's by laying on the floor listening to Amy Winehouse on vinyl... but everything else on my playlists is from at least 10 years ago. I basically jam to what pandora spits out (which is usually pretty amazing, thanks Pandora) and concerts we're never really my thing.... well that all changed when I saw MinkPink's new Brand Ambassador belt her lungs out ten feet in front of me. Christina Perri changed the game when I heard her play at Bar Nana in Meatpacking, and converted me into an instant fan, All hail Christina Perri!

Sole Mate

MBFW has come and gone, but one of my favorite memories still lives close by, in my closet! A few weeks ago I decided I hated all my clothes, and started giving things away or selling them on eBay, and shoes were no exception. I'm just over all my heels, and since I like to add 3 inches to my daily wardrobe, a lack of heels in my life just isn't an option. So a few days before Fashion Week, I headed down to Zara to purchase my newest shoe obsession, these baby blue tie pumps!