Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Conversions

Welcome Back, This post is dedicated to converting your spring and summer wardrobe to things wearable for fall!

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Short Dresses
So if you are like me, this Spring you went color crazy, bought a bright little dress (or 2... or 3) and wore them all Summer long! Maybe you paired it with your favorite flat sandals or matching platform wedges or even a great big summer hat! But as the air gets colder that bright yellow little thing gets pushed to the back of the closet... well not anymore!

Fall Update
One color combination that I am loving right now is yellow and teal! I think yellow often takes a back seat in the fall, but when paired with teal (or even maroon) it looks fresh, fashionable and perfect for fall! So wrap up in a baggy teal wrap-up cardigan and step into black tights or socks with boots and all of a sudden you have the perfect fall ensemble!

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High Waisted Shorts
I wore high waisted shorts all Spring and Summer long, usually with slouchy crop tops and flats! I think high waisted shorts (and skirts) are the most flattering trend and hope they never, ever go out of style!

Fall Update
Now that I need to cover up my legs, I still wanted to be able to implement them into my fall wardrobe. For fall, treat your shorts like a skirt and pair them with tights and flats or oxfords. Add a boyfriend blazer and a blouse for a unexpected twist on the fashionable suit!

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Summer Wedges
Wedges are a constant summer do! Every year, it seems as if they grow taller! I know I invested in a pair of wedges almost every spring and now you can cary these shows over to fall

Fall Update
A trend I really love is socks with heels and its the perfect way to make a fall statement with a summer sandal! Pair your wedges with socks and slouchy clothes like a belted t-shirt dress and comfy cardigan! The trend is enough of a statement, so keep the colors basic and clean.
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Maxi Dresses
I never really wear Maxi dresses because I'm a midget and they shrink me down, but a lot of people look  great in a Maxi!

Fall Update
Translate this trend into a casual fall fashion statement by pairing it with a denim jacket. Accessorize with a lengthy necklace and bright ring to add color, a skinny belt to add shape and either oxfords or T-strap sandals.