Monday, March 3, 2014

Sole Mate

MBFW has come and gone, but one of my favorite memories still lives close by, in my closet! A few weeks ago I decided I hated all my clothes, and started giving things away or selling them on eBay, and shoes were no exception. I'm just over all my heels, and since I like to add 3 inches to my daily wardrobe, a lack of heels in my life just isn't an option. So a few days before Fashion Week, I headed down to Zara to purchase my newest shoe obsession, these baby blue tie pumps!

I usually don't like a pointed toe pump, because they're almost always uncomfortable and sometimes look witchy. But I instantly fell in love with shoes Zara beauts, so much so I wore them to every NYFW week I attended. The snow didn't stop me from strutting my stuff (and usually freezing to death) in the most darling pumps around.
one with Control Sector // two at Vivienne Tam // three // four
Aside from my 30 block walk in the morning, I wear heels everyday so I had to add something new to the collection (or lack there of) and I'm so glad I went with these powder blue pumps. This baby blue hue had a big moment at MBFW, and I even picked up a comparable nail polish color this week. Overall, I'm saying Yes to powder blue in more ways than one.
Shop my shoes here // they also come in black

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Images by Claire Eliza
XO Courtney


  1. Lovely outfits :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

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  3. Oh girl, those shoes are amazing.....AMAZING! major #shoeporn alert! I love all the different ways you've styled them; they're very versatile! :)

    xo, Stephanie

    1. Thanks Stephanie!!!!! They were a great investment! :]
      XO Courtney

  4. I love these shoes!! Here in Toronto, a slew of fashion bloggers have gone crazy over them! Great styling. Really shows how truly versatile these heels are!
    xo Cristina


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