Thursday, February 23, 2012

project peacoat

I love my lady readers (girl power!), but this one's for the guys!
The reader request above serves as the inspiration this man candy post...
 Since I wear pea-coats in a different, less masculine way, I started by getting inspired by some stylish men! (and don't worry ladies, they aren't too shabby to look at either!)
Post inspiration, I was able to come up with a few different ways to wear the classic peacoat!

Pop in Plaid:
This first look spices up the winter weather with the perfect pops of colorful pattern.
Casual Cool:
This second look is all about layering! Pull a peacoat on over an open jacket thats layered over another cardigan! The key is to keep this layered look simple by using a monochromatic color pallet like grey on grey on grey and let the contrasting peacoat make the statement.
 East Coast Easy:
Pair a sweater vest that matches your peacoat over a contrasting neutral button up for an timeless look. This options combines brown with light blue and khaki to keep the look easy yet interesting.
 Boys in Basics:
Take a lesson from these movie hearth-throbs (edward? ew... team jacob! who am I kidding, twilight blows...) and play with the basics. Pull your peacoat on over your simplest tee and jeans but add some edge by slightly popping your coat collar as shown below. 

Want more? well your in luck! Since these man posts are a rare occasion, here are six more ways to wear the peacoat!

Prints & Patterns:
Colorful & Contrasting:
Dressy & Dangerous:

Man Up!
So guys, what do you think!? Which ones are your favorites? and should I continue posting for men? I would love to hear some feedback!

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  1. Great! just got a peacoat for x-mas, wasnt completey sure what to wear under it.I like the ones with examples of actual people wearing them, not so much on the "more ways to wear". Thanks!


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