Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nude Sneakers

Check out this reader request from the always fabulous Jackie!
I too love the idea of tan converse Jackie, and we aren't the only ones...

Get The Look:
Here are a few ways, places and styles so you can get the look!
From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

I hope this helps Jackie :) Enjoy your new shoes!

 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png
    photo adb21650-800e-47ce-afef-1aa1420e977f_zpsc6235b89.jpg


  1. obsessed with the taylor hightops. This cite is soo cute! Thanks <3

  2. and there on sale! 45$$

    1. yay I am glad we could find you something you like at a great price!!! I am sure you will look adorable as always in them!


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