Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day Date

Thanks for joining me for another hooray post! With Valentines day just around the corner, this will be one of the last posts of this segment!
This post is dedicated to providing you with unique outfits tailored to your personal style for you to wear on a day date!
Vintage Glam:
If your style is shabby chic and draws inspiration from vintage styles, this first look is for you! It reminds me of something Taylor Swift would wear while shopping in the city.

Sweet & Sophisticated:
For the put together girl with the big smile and a bigger personality, this second look is calling your name.
 Cute & Casual:
Our third look was made for the casual gal who is often on the go but always still manages to look cute.
 All American Girl:
Do you feel more comfortable in jeans and boots then anything else? If so, this look was made for you and your all american style.
Any sailor girl will adore this flirty striped look that's perfect for a day date! 
 Girlie Glam:
Think pink! The fashionista girlie girl will fall in love with this twirl-worthy tulle look inspired by Carrie Bradshaw with kate spade touches.
Geek Chic:
Its not rocket science, the glasses wearing gal can still feel fun and flirty this valentines day in a cute geek chic ensemble!
What Would Courtney Wear:
Here is my favorite valentines day date look featuring one of the new Florence Broadhurst for Kate Spade products!

So fashion lovers: What look is your favorite so far? What will you be channeling on your valentines date?! Next Up I am exploring ways to look your best that tailor to your personal style with Date Night Dress Up: Dinner and a Movie!
Bold Bombshell:
First Up, a look for the sexy bombshell who is not afraid to stand out.
Tailored & Trendy:
Next, is an effortlessly chic look for the trendy girl who likes tailored classics!
 Clean & Chic:
If you style idolize Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Anniston, this next clean and chic look is for you!
 Colorfully Classic:
A fan of the classics? What about color? Well then slip into something basic with a bright twist in this colorfully classic date night look.
Retro & Fun:
Stylish gals that time travel through fashion should take on this next retro look with a fun vibe!

Flirty Girl Glam:
For all you flirty girls, this next outfit pairs a girlie looks to a glam touches for an unforgettable ensemble that is one of my favorites!
What Would Courtney Wear:
Wondering which look I would love to be wearing this valentines day? Well ponder no more! I would love to have my hands on this sold out red Kettle Corn dress to wear on!

What Would You Wear:
Weigh in, I want to hear what you will be wearing on the most romantic night of the year! :)

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  1. I'm going to need the Girlie Glam, All American Girl and Cute & Casual...right now....

    1. All American and Cute Casual are so you!!! I feel like you could create something similar with some of the pieces you already have since its all about reinventing basics! I also would love to see you in Girlie Glam cause I feel like its a step slighting outside your comfort zone and because it would look adorable on you !!! that necklace in gg is actually reversible!!


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