Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Parisian Chic

"Totes Les Filles Sont Folles"
Translation: All The Girls Are Mad!
This fall (2012) I will be spending the season in a Parisian paradise... jealous? well dry those green eyes and join me by indulging in Kate Spades fall 2012 collection.

Although we wont be able to buy these goodies until september (boo, where is time travel when you need it most!) we can drool over some of these perfect paris inspired products...
I am obsessed with pretty much all of it, from the bold bangs to the polka dot nails... but for my budgets sake, lets pick out a few things that will simply have to make the journey to my closet...  
In order of appearance: The people print dress, blue bow jacket (soo major... it has to happen!), red flats (basically all the shoes...) that polka dot jacket (gasp!), polka dot gloves (double gasp!), black and white polka dot cardigan (there seems to be a pattern emerging...), the pardon my french tee and feather fringe skirt that its shown with (seriously... is it september yet?), the polka dot pumps and those amazing yellow pants. (in the image above) The gold dot flats and the glittery ballroom esque shoes!

well pretty products, I look forward to making your acquaintance in the near future, until then thanks for the preview!
Spill it!
Now that I have share all my fall clothing desires, its time for you spill! What KS goodies are you dying to add to your wardrobe?
Props to Sandee at KateSpade-Aholic and Popsugar for posting this video first! Pictures courtesy of

 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png
    photo adb21650-800e-47ce-afef-1aa1420e977f_zpsc6235b89.jpg

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