Saturday, October 5, 2013

Oh, the Irony

It's the last week of october, can you believe it!? So that means halloween is finally here! I have been bringing you easy DIY costumes all month long (check them out here), but wanted to end with some easy irony costumes that you can probably create from closet pieces. 
Dust off your prom dress, a gown you may own or put together a tuxedo look with a blazer and tuxedo pants to make a "formal apology" costume. For your final accessory, just hold a card or sign that says "I'm sorry".

 Mix black and white stripes with feathered accessories to be the cutest little Jail Bird halloween ever did see. Use black winged make up and even try feathered lashes to finish the look.
If you have cold feet, become a runaway bride with a white corset and jogging shorts or a white dress and tennies! Take your look up a notch with sweat bands or a work out ipod armband. 

Operation Occupation: These may lack irony, but I wanted to share three more easy occupation inspired costumes, one of which I actually got to wear at a recent halloween party
Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego? This was my favorite computer game as a kid can make an awesome costume! Or turn it into a couple costume and have your boy go as where's waldo!
Get progressive and channel the one and only Flo for an easy look. All white, a blue headband, converse, red lipstick and buttons paired with a diy progressive apron will make a quick costume!
Ballerina for a day: When Paris and I went to a church halloween party with my friend Taylor, I had to come up with a costume and quick! So I found it only fitting that I come as a ballerina, since I grew up dancing with Taylor at her mom's studio in Arizona. Tulle skirts are a flirty trend that so many people have in their closet, if you don't already own one this might be a good excuse to pick one up .... you wont regret it! Pair the tulle skirt with simple ballet flats, a tucked in top to resemble a leotard and a top knot and you're ready to dance your way into any halloween party. 

 photo Untitled148_zps61860259.png
If ironic costumes aren't your thing, try these other easy and fashionable options:

Plus I brought you 5 ways to nail a Catwoman or Poison Ivy Costume in a Good VS Evil costume craze post. 
A few more easy and fun customs include: Sandy from Grease, Rosie the Riveter and Where's Waldo.
And Finally, If you would rather go as the fairest of them all, pop by my Princess Post for four ways to go as disney royalty 

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