Friday, October 4, 2013

See You Next Summer

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Before we move on to the next season, I wanted to give summer a proper send off and look back at all of my favorite looks along the way.

it took all summer long but I finally found the perfect lobster dress!

I also found the perfect cross body picnic basket this year, and took it on a very special sunday picnic

In addition to my lobster dress, I also found a lemon dress - something I have been searching for since February! 

I couldn't have a summer in new york without stopping by coney island

I also got to see my favorite band live ... and got caught in the rain

and I toned down my style for summer, with simple silhouettes, flat sandals and bright colors

Can you believe it's October? I am sad to say goodbye to summer, but I am so ready for fall! I love halloween and the holiday season that follows. I am also a big fan of a pumpkin steamer (I don't like coffee, so a steamer is the pumpkin-ness without the coffee) and chai tea lattes. Also, all my favorite TV shows will be back by the end of the month and the good movies start to hit theaters again! I can't wait to pile on the layers this season, I've missed my boyfriend cardigans and high-knee socks. And above all, I am most excited to have one of my first official "real falls". Growing up in Arizona, we never saw the seasons change, and my time in San Francisco felt like fall all year around, so the yellowing leaves will be a welcome surprise!

What are you looking forward to for fall?


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