Saturday, October 5, 2013

Character Costumes

Today we take on seven different fictional characters that will make fabulous diy costumes for halloween.
First up the one, the only, Carrie Bradshaw
If you choose Carrie Costume number one, wear your hair curly and wild like she did in the opening credits, but if you opt for the second choice try a top knot and write "Manolo Blahnik" on any shopping bag and piling on the pearls! 

 You might also like a costume based on a book from your childhood: Eloise at the Plaza and Miss Madeline.

I am and have always been a big Christina Richi fan, and I especially loved her as Wednesday in the Adams family. If you have long dark hair, put it in braids and invest in some pail makeup and dark eyeliner to be Wednesday Adams

These next costumes are also book inspired: The man in the yellow hat from Curious George and Paddington Bear

The final costume is miss Olive Oil, the dame who stole Popeyes heart.

I hope you enjoyed these costumes ideas, but if not I am taking requests for other DIY outfit options. Just send me a message or leave a comment with the costume you would like, and I will do my best to create some easy DIY options for you! 
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Until then, make pop by my other costume craze posts 
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