Friday, November 8, 2013


Blogger events are always a blast, but celebrating the launch of an innovative social sharing site with some of the most amazing people and a styling icon (here's a hint: ever heard of the TV show What Not To Wear) can make for a night to remember! Last week Paris and I had the honor of attending a Stylinity event to test out the Stylinity Stage and participate in what I believe to be the future of shopping in our social media driven society!
As some of you may know, I'm a marketer by trade and a bit of a branding fanatic! So when I heard about Stylinity who brings combines turns costumers into brand champions, combines branding with fashion and shopping, and brings all of these aspects into a social setting to provide users with "The Ultimate Selfie Experience" I absolutely had to test it out! Here's how it works.
Say goodbye to those bland dressing room pictures that flood your friends cellphones every time you're in need of a second opinion. The style stage provides fashionistas with the perfect lighting and lens to create a high-quality share-worthy picture for you to show off you newest splurge!
Stylinity has two stages: the smaller and "New York" friendly style stage (above) and the larger 360 style stage (below). I got to test out both of these innovative shopping spots at the event and they each have their perks! Do to size and customer preferences, you're most likely to see these sleek little guys (above) at a featured store. 
 One of the many highlights of the night included meeting Stylist, Fashion Consultant, Magazine Editor, Author and star of TLC's What Not To Wear, the one and only: Stacy London!
If you have watched her show you know that Stacy is bold, bubbly and over-the-top in the best way possible, and she was nothing less than that in person as well! Stacy has a contagious energy about her and a fiery spirit that I couldn't get enough of! Her big personality and amazing attitude aside, she is crazy talented and just inspiring to watch in action! She was able to analyze and grasp a women's personal style and fashion challenges in a few seconds and turned out amazing outfits in record time. Basically everything you see on TV is real, if anything she is even more amazing in person and even more impressive on the spot! As an aspiring stylist myself, who hopes to one day have a career that even remotely resembles hers, meeting Stacy was a dream come true!

PS don't you love her as a blonde?!

My stylinity looks styled by Stacy London
and featuring product from The Limited
Paris & I taking center stage with Stylinity's 360 model

Over all, we probably had way too much fun at the event but I think that is just a testament to the type of company Stylinity is: an innovative idea fueled by fantastic people. I hope I was able to introduce you to and/or inform you of this amazing new organization, make sure you pop by Stylinity to read more about this movement and register so you can start sharing! And if you're in the NYC area, make sure you stop by the first stylinity stage at The Limited.

FYI: At this time, I am in no way affiliated with Stylinity,
Stacy London or The Limited. All personal statements in the post
are my original opinion and do not represent the views
any of the listed organizations or parties :] -- Thanks!

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