Monday, November 4, 2013

I Heart Warby Parker

If you haven't already noticed, I'm a big geek! My eyesight is awful, my nose is always in a book, I can't talk about harry potter without getting emotional and I cannot wait for Comic Con 2014! With that being said, glasses are a necessity for me, but that doesn't mean that I don't treat them as a fashion accessory! So when I heard about stylish glasses company Warby Parker, who offers fabulous four eyes for affordable prices (they start at $95) and a free home try on, I had to test it out!

Ordering glasses online is convient, affordable and usually a gamble.... but not anymore! Warby Parker  offers a unique service, the home try on! WP essentially loans you five pairs of frames for five days, allowing you to test out styles to see how they work with your life and style. Here's what I choose:
I was so pleased with my home try on and the Warby Parker brand in general that I had to share my experience and frames today on this little blog of mine... plus i'll be sharing my favorite fame!

First up, the Baxter!

 I really liked this frame with the thin lines, contemporary feel and the maroon color! I feel like they are perfect for an architect or a stylish economist, but think they're maybe a little too old for me. I'm only 23, so this sophisticated styling might be better suited for 26-year-old Corporate Courtney!
The Owen

I really liked this frame, and I'm crazy about the black Matte color, something WP does really, really well. I did however, think the frame was maybe a little too masculine for me, and that I'm not quite hip enough to pull it off. I feel like if I worked in television, and wore boyfriend jeans with a thick heeled pump, then maybe I could swing the Owen

The Preston
This frame was probably my least favorite, not because I didn't like it but because it just wasn't right for me. I have a chubby, baby face, so I need a bigger frame that compliments my face shape and these were just a bit too small.
Okay, now we're getting into some of my favorites: Duckworth
The Duckworth was one of my favorite frames: slender, rounded and little bit retro! I also love the black matte coloring on these, and the cat-eye-esque frame. These frames are bubbly and bold, perfect for my personality.
The Mallory
The Mallory was another one of my favorite frames, the larger size and rounded edges were exactly what I was looking for in a frame. I just wish these came in black or the black matte color that I love so much. 
Overall, I'm really glad I did the Warby Parker home try on and that i found out about this amazing brand. My next pair of frames will definitely be a Warby Parker pair, here's one more look at the frames:

My favorites: Duckworth // Mallory

What do you think? What was you favorite pair?!

Disclaimer: I just wanted to let you know that all opinions in this review are my own and were not swayed nor provoked by Warby Parker in anyway. I am in no way associated or sponsored by Warby Parker and acted on my own for this home try on. :]

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  2. I knew little about this brand and their designer eyewear but I their sunglasses not looking attractive on my face. I want a pair that enhance my personality, keep my eyes safe and I feel confident when I wear them.


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