Monday, January 21, 2013

mod about you

with valentines day just around the corner, some of my next few posts will be v-day worthy to help you get ideas for what to wear on the most romantic day of the year! first up, fall modly in love with hot pink!

i'm beyond obsessed with my new pink dress, it makes me feel so girlie & pretty but in a modern way! today i took it for a sixties spin with a think belt, chunky heels and big round glasses.
looking thin i s a cinch! the thicker the belt, the slimmer your waist looks! just make sure it either starts or ends at your smallest point and try to use a contrasting color (like a black belt against white) to really trim your waist. 
 i purposely paired my open toe heels with black tights to keep it mod. some think doing so is a no-no, but i think it adds to the theme, and don't mind mixing open toes with tights when it clearly makes a statement !
dress: kate spade // belt: kate spade  // shoes: vince camuto // black tight // sunnies: miu miu // bag: kate spade // rings: vintage // wire wrap  // kate spade // earrings: gum drops // arm party:  sequin // bcbg // kate spade idioms  // michael kors // kate spade charm bracelet (i'm obsessed) 


  1. Love your style!just wondering do you work for kate spade? Or just a kate spade lover? :-)

    1. hey brooke!!! thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!!!! yes i worked at the san francisco store for a year and was the shop stylist at the scottsdale store in arizona until yesterday and am now moving to new york in the next week and probably going to work at a store there <3

    2. but i stalked the brand before i got employed :/ haha i have a problem <3

  2. hi courtney!! i've been working at the store in palm desert since november. i will be applying for shop stylist and my goal as well is to work at the fifth ave store as well. :-) and yeah, i've been kate spade obsessed for a long time. i'll definitely be following your blog!


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