Friday, July 6, 2012

DIY Friday: Kate Inspired Bow Clutch

hello craft-inistas and welcome to another diy friday!
today's craft project draws inspiration from my favorite brand, you guessed it, none other than the always fabulous kate spade! but before we get started, take a look at the transformation
Here's how I got Inspired...

I am the proud and lucky owner of these two bow-dacious little kate spade gems from a few years ago. Although they are from different collections, the look like a family to me. So when I came across this satin clutch in need of a make over, I thought it might find a place with these all-wrapped-up wonders.
 As I mentioned before, I found this satin clutch at goodwill for $2.00, what a steal! The bones were still good, but this plain little purse was in desperate need of some spade-inspired sprucing! And with a little ribbon and glue this catch of a clutch was born!
To create your own, start with a thrifted clutch (any color or fabric will do, but just make sure you stick to one medium... if your clutch is silky and shiny like mine, make sure your ribbon is as well). After you clean it up a bit, plug in your hot glue gun and get bowing! 

Crafters beware:
Hot glue is a magical monster. It can be a wonderful & dangerous thing, where burning yourself will not be a fabulous feeling. Please be extra careful when utilizing it in this project! 
Just make two big loops with your ribbon, where one is slightly smaller than the other, and seal them each separately with hot glue. After they dry a bit, add another dab of your trusty hot glue in between the two loops to seal then together, then cut a third piece of ribbon to wrap around the two loops vertically before sealing your bow with glue on the back. 
 Then, glue your whole bow on to the clutch. Then paint on a red lip and pile on your pearls and prepare to endure the coos and compliments of friends and strangers alike as you take your clutch out for its diy debut!
... and now the families complete, don't they look great together?


  1. How clever, I love it. Also the black dress you are wearing is soooooooooo cute.

    1. Thanks!! It's Kate Spade of course!


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