Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I spent most of today in transit, so this post is for you world travelers out there...
Whether you're planning to spend the month in Milan or just heading home for the weekend to surprise mom, it always feels better when you're traveling in style! And a cute luggage piece can bring joy to your otherwise stressful travel day.

I was lucky enough to receive a fabulous pink la vida luggage set (shown above) from my good friend Katrina last Christmas. While La Vida is one of my favorite vintage inspired luggage brands, nicole lee also has a lot of great pieces!
all of the pieces are reasonably priced and available at overstock
My lust for luggage doesn't end there, I often wear my La Vida carry on case from Katrina as a purse

Also, I up cycled my grandmothers old train case last summer.
I hope my wanderlust and travel obsessed inspired you to travel in style.



  1. Oh I love myself some luggage! I need to get some before our trip to OH. If I could cram all of the stuff for 5 people for five days into the La Vida ones I would. I love those stinking things!

    1. haha that would be amazing! you should get the giant polka dot set! I also have a DVF set that I love! Ross and TJ max always have good luggage finds!


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