Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Splash from the Past: Swim Shop

Summer's here and that means swimsuit season is upon us!So this week is all about retro swimwear looks, as inspired by a reader request from the fabulous Jordan!
Today is all about finding you the perfect retro bathing suit! So come on in, the waters fine!
One piece bathing suits are often overlooked, but can the most flattering pieces for many body types. 
Swim suits are all about illusions. Have a small bust? try a deep v or a padded bust. Wanting to slim your tummy? try one with rouging. My pick, the classic black (or red) one piece can flatter almost anyone: the bust line is supportive enough for large cup sizes but the detailing can enhance smaller ones, while the rouging helps control the tummy and the shorts hit just right to draw just enough attention to the tush.

If a classic one piece seems boring to you, try one in a fun print to give your look some edge!

 My pick, the pretty little polka dot number slims the hips and has a supportive bust line while keeping the tummy flat. If you are smaller in the bust area try a underwire top to give the illusion of fullness. A designer swim suit like the kate spade one (now on sale, yay) are well constructed and usually extremely flattering for all body types. Or if your tummy is your trouble area draw the eyes up with fun detailing like the tuxedo bow tie, while the rouging and black and white contrasting keep your center slim. 

high waisted two-piece swim suits are also very retro-esque and on trend for summer 2012
for retro two-pieces, it's all about flaunting what you got. If you are bottom heavy with a normal size bust (like me) try a skirted bottom and a halter top like the itsy bitsy tiny weenie yellow polka dot bikini. If you are boyish or straight up and down try a supportive top to give you some curves and a high waisted skirted bottom to create an hourglass illusion like the red and white candy striped suit. If you are top heavy or short a supportive underwire top can be used to hold the girls in or create the illusion of a fuller cupsize, pair it with a pin striped bottom to make your legs look longer. If you are curvy up top and down below, this red and blue bowed swimsuit will keep the girls in check while being supported. Also the bow on the front distracts from a bigger behind. 

I hope you were able to find your perfect retro inspired swimsuit (or suit shape) through this post! tune in tomorrow to learn ways to wear these suits including cover-up outfits and poolside accessories. And be sure to check out all of the splash from the past posts.

Special thanks to Jordan for submitting a request! Check out the rest of the reader requests or submit one of your own via twitter, facebook or email



  1. I love retro inspired swimsuits - it's more flattering and a bit more modest, for me anyway! lol. You should also check out www.pinupgirlclothing.com for vintage inspired swimsuits if you haven't already. I've bought a few from them - the Bettie one-piece is my favourite :)

    1. I agree, modest is the hottest! I have been to pinupgirlclothing.com, they are a great site, thanks so much for the suggestion! <3

  2. I just got one that is similar to the black (obviously) one from anthro @ Old Navy. One of the many reasons I can't shop with my children: Estelle was devastated I didn't buy a hot pink snake skin looking one. She cried real tears.

    1. how cute! the black one is my fav haha I might have to copy you and stop by old navy! oh estelle and her "fashion" sense. gotta love it...


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