Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Simply Sublime

You don't have to have a big wardrobe to dress fabulously! In fact even though I am a bit of a clothes hoarder (who are we kidding, I have a problem...) I get the best use out of some of my few favorite pieces! You can too, and the post is the proof! I'll be sharing with you one of my closet favorites!

Okay here's the scoop on this skirt...
I actually bought it two years ago in some little tiny boutique in Soho, New York! Since then I have worn it constantly (at one point I was wearing it once a week) and I always get compliments on it, and people asking me where it is from, but I am always sad to tell them "some random store in new york" because I knew they wouldn't be able to get and love this skirt as much as I do... boo.

So imagine my surprise when I made my daily visit to to check out the new arrivals (yes daily, I told you I have a problem... but hey they put up new stuff everyday!) and saw this skirt! It is the exact one I bought two years ago (except for the slight increase in price)!
So now does the skirt look familiar? I hope so! Especially my fashion twin Katrina (Seriously... we are obsessed with all the same things!), because this post is dedicated to her!
I remember you really wanting to get one of these skirts for yourself last summer when you asked me where it was from, I am so happy that the wait is over, and you can finally add one of these perfect pieces to your already wardrobe See Katrina featured as my personal paper doll

Anyways back to the skirt!
It is so amazing because there are so many ways to wear it! you can dress it up, dress it down, wear it to work or wear it out!

This simply sublime skirt is a rare find because it makes a silent statement, the black keeps it simple but the shape makes it fun! As a result, it is the perfect basic and will be a wardrobe workhorse for you and your closet!

Are you sold yet?
if so buy this amazing skirt here, quick before its gone!
I wear mine so much that I think I will pick up a second one myself! And here's a plus: modcloth has easy and free returns, just print off the return label and ship it back for free!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Yay! Thanks for the post! I am so stinking excited. This skirt will be mine by the end of this week! With the white tee and statement necklace thankyouverymuch. Oh and the polka dot top and... You see where this is going don't you? Haha! Thanks again Miss Courtney!


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