Friday, April 20, 2012

Pink Sparkle

What girl doesn't love lipstick pink ? especially when enhanced with a dash of sparkle? ooh la la.
I used these pieces to create a look combines the best of both worlds: girlie and edgy ... flirty and glam.
One again, I am wearing one of my favorite Kate Spade peices: the Francoise Top!
I'm actually wearing this top underneath today, I'm just using it for the collar!
I paired my sparkly top with two pops of shocking pink for a big wow factor
This dress is actually one of my favorites, its a few years old from Zara but they always recreate it in fun colors. 
Both of these pieces (the top and the dress) are super transformational, I always try to look for these kind of pieces when I'm shopping because they can make a super versatile wardrobe workhorse.
To take the look to yet another level, I added a pop of color: turquoise pumps.
And every outfit could use a little bit of leopard, a calf hair skinny belt makes the perfect little pop of wildness. 
I always finish a look out with a little bit of Kate Spade jewels: Big bangles, a bow ring and gum drop studs are my jewelry basics.
Dress: Zara (2010) (same shape). Jacket: Trench, H&M. Tights: Polka Dots, ModCloth. Belt: Skinny Leopard Calf Hair, Express. Top: Francoise Sparkly Collar Top (worn under), Kate Spade. Bag: New Bond Street Florence in Shocking Pink (On Sale!). Earrings: Gum Drop Studs in Black. Idiom Bangles, Kate Spade. Shoes: Medugorje pumps, John Fluevog.


  1. I just discovered your blog and I just love how you use colour so effectively - you've definitely inspired me to try the whole colour clash (or compliment) instead of my usual black/red/navy :p

    By the way, I can't help but notice that you use those patent blue Fluevog shoes on several of your outfits and I was wondering whether you can tell me how they run? The reviews on the Fluevog site seems a bit divided so I don't know whether to go for a 7.5 or 8. My Euro size is a 38 for ref.... hope you can help :)

    1. I am so glad you stumbled upon me and am enjoying my color splash !!! I love that you are going to venture into the world of colors beyond black/red/navy, yay!! Anyways I am OBSESSED with my fluevogs. I too am a 71/2 or 8 and around a 38 in euro sizes. I almost always buy a size 8 shoe, but at kate spade and for flats I go for a 7 1/2. I went with the 7 1/2 for the fluevogs and they fit perfectly! I wear mine all the time and they haven't stretched, so I would recommend a 7.5! Does that help a bit?!


    2. Awesome - thank you so much for your feedback; much appreciated! Sounds like we're the same size shoe wise so I'll have to keep an eye out for these. The shipping from the actual Fluevog site is a bit expensive since I'm in Australia so I'd love to take advantage of the promo at but they don't seem to have the 7.5 anymore (or sold out). Anyway, fingers crossed they get restock, otherwise I might just have to get them from Fluevog directly. Thanks again for your help <3

    3. yikes ! I'm so sorry! hopefully you will be able to get them soon!!!! If you want I can go try on the 8 and see how much bigger they are?!

    4. Oh would you? that would be fantastic! :D

    5. yeah! the store is right by my kate spade store! give me a few days!!

    6. so the eights actually fit, they are not as snug as my 7.5 (obviously) but they are not falling off either! You could probably make the 8's work! especially if you are usually in between sizes! I always say that my real size is 7 and 3/4 hah! I don't think my 7 1/2 have stretched out! cause patent doesn't usually stretch so they shouldn't change on you :] hope this helps!

    7. Oh thank you soooooooooo much for trying them on for me - really appreciate it! I suppose insoles aren't a bad way to go either if I needed more grip. Crazy, huh.. the thing we do for shoes. If you were to buy them againn though, would you still stick with the 7.5? I have a pair of KS Karolina in the 7.5 and I wish I went up to the 8 as I found them slightly narrow. Argh I need to make a decision - either get the 8s or wait for Fluevog Day lol.

      Thanks again xx

    8. Hey! I would stick with the 7.5 they fit me perfectly! But so do my 7.5 at kate spade, so maybe the 8 will work best for you! And if not, befriend some heel grips and insoles ! ha

  2. Hey Courtney.. Love your lookbook!
    Would love to know more about the new bag you have here "new bond street florence". Does it stained easily as in pick up dirt if I accidently put it on wet table or something (nightmare i know) ? How is the leather quality - is it too soft that it might easily leave scratches if it caught in something?

    1. Hey Rina! Thanks for reading and commenting! I love love love my new bond street florence bag, its from kate spade and was fifty percent online off last time I checked (if its not, I work at kate spade and I can check the system next time I am in. I'll probably be able find it somewhere in the company for you if your are interested) The leather is sturdy, smooth and on the harder side so dirt wipes off easily and it keeps it shape even with nothing in it. Since the leather is so smooth the scratches show more than your average slouchy/soft leather bag. Mine has a few scratches on it now but no one would notice them except for me because the color kind of hides them. The bag does have feet, which is nice because it keeps the bag from getting too dirty when its sat down. I hope this help! Feel free to comment back or email ( with more questions !


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