Tuesday, March 20, 2012

hats off

Well I'm back in the great state of Arizona for the time being & happy to bust out my spring attire & big summer hats!

I broke up my b&w ensemble with bold pops of nearly neon pink! I feel like a retro barbie doll!

Shirt: Striped Crop Top, Forever 21. Skirt: City Lights, Kate Spade. Black Tights. Shoes: Shelly in Lipstick Pink, Kate Spade. Clutch: Recital Farrah, Kate Spade. Idiom Bangles, Kate Spade. All Wrapped Up Bow Ring, Kate Spade (still in stores, or similar on sale). Hat, Vintage. Lipstick: Girl about Town, Mac.


  1. you're matching lips and heels, ahhh, so perfect!!

    1. hehe the color of the shoe is actually called "lipstick pink!" I'm obsessed !


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