Tuesday, March 20, 2012

and it was all yellow.

My cure for a rainy days is always a little bit of yellow!

Jacket: Vintage. Belt: Leather "Magic Belt" The Limited. Black Skirt. Shirt: Basic Black Long Sleeve: H&M. Boots: Nicole. Bag: New Bond Street Florence, Kate Spade. Glasses: Tom Ford*. Earrings: Gum Drops Studs in Black, Kate Spade.

Special thanks to my supportive boyfriend Paris whom I spent this wonderful rainy day with and who took the pictures above. He also got his model on (hah)... work!
Jacket: H&M. T-shirt: Calvin Klein. Cargo Pants: The Gap. Dog Tag: Custom. Shoes: Nike.


  1. Love Love Love the outfits!!! So cute!!!!

    1. thanks so much I am glad you enjoyed it :]

  2. Courtney, you two are sooo cute! I love the yellow and black combo.
    from katespade-aholic.com

    1. Thanks so much Sandee :] Yellow and black is one of my favs!!!!


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