Sunday, January 29, 2012

Watch it

Tick Tock its time to Shop!
This post was inspired by a request from one of my favorite people: the always fabulous Katrina (co author of one of my favorite blogs Hey Little Birdie)
Although watches make a perfect purposeful accessory that all women love, I have yet to feature them on Color Me Courtney. So I am beyond thrilled that Katrina suggested such a useful and popular topic. Consider this post as your person shopping guide to fabulous fashion watches, all the featured watches will be under $500.

The Go to Watch:
In the past few years, Michael Kors watches have become the classic fashion watch. They are cute, simple and chic, but at this point you will find it on the wrist of all your friends as well. In order to stand out, I suggest upgrading to a unique style as featured below.
(Starting on the far left and scaling down)

Switch It, Change It:
One way to break out of the Michael Kors brand funk is to switch to an equally fabulous but refreshingly different look with a Marc Jacobs watch.

Switch To Square:
If you really want your wrist glitz to stand out from the rest, switch to a sassy square shape. This shape is a little more sophisticated and while still remaining fashionable.

Charmed, I'm Sure:
For an unconventional watch look that still does the time-telling job, try a charm bracelet! This option is one of my favorites because I find charm bracelets to be classic, chic and something every woman should own.

Bow Baby:
By now, you all know that I have a slight obsession with bows, so of course I had to explore the option of a bow watch! I was pleasantly surprised with what I found: elegant options with a flirty flair that add a girly touch to a somewhat masculine accessory.

Look for less:
Although a watch is a worth while investment, you might want a affordable option in addition to or instead of a high quality option. These watch steals will allow you to try out a trend (like colored bands) for cheap!
Asos $28, Style&Co $30, Asos $45, Target $20, DebenHams $25, Bakers $35, Asos $44, Bakers $48, Forever 21 $25, Asos $32.

Tick Tock, Its Time to Choose:
Take a peak at my favorite watch options, perhaps looking at my favorites will help you select yours!
Betsey Johnson Mesh Bow $83, Piaget Altiplano, Moschino Cheap&Chic $170, Bestey Johnson, Macy's $95, BCBG Pilsse Bow $160, Betsey Johnson, Macy's $125. 


  1. Oh my word! You rock! Thank you sooo much! So many fabulous options!

    1. oh yay!!!! Who are your front runners??!! I saved up for a watch two years ago and lost it 2 weeks later :( so I was depressed I have yet to purchase another but I kind of want a charm or bow one!!!

    2. I really like the Betsey Johnson ones. I feel like she is Kate Spade's trashy but equally fun cousin.Haha. But I am really loving her watches. I think the gold one at the bottom is my fave. It feels so Alice in Wonderland-ish. Thank you again for this post!

    3. I loved the alice in wonderland one!!! cute and fun but still kind of "normal" enough to wear ever day... and a little nod to the dark, tim burton loving side of me haha. Yes I agree with your betsey diagnosis, one day I told Francis (my manager at Kate) that "I can be edgy.. I mean sometimes I wear betsy johnson" and he laughed at me, since that is as edgy as I get haha!

  2. I read somewhere that Fossil does all the Michael Kors watches then I saw them at the Fossil outlet! They have some great deals there on really awesome watches. I have one here in Houston!

    1. Reallyy!???!! Who knew!!! well.. you knew :) thanks for the tip !!! I am so jealous you have access to outlets ESPECIALLY KATE SPADE!!! Lucky Ducky!

    2. Wow! I seriously need to take a day trip to a decent outlet mall! I seriously had no idea about that!

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