Monday, September 22, 2014

Faking it (for Fall)

Welcome to the in-between - that awkward moment between the seasons where you have absolutely no idea what to wear. Don't worry, I'm here to help!
No matter what season is lurking around the corner, there is always this awkward inbetween phase that keeps us on the edge of our seats (remember this post? I feel your pain). In other news, it's also kind of torturous for your wardrobe - boo, hiss. I'm currently craving pumpkin spice latte's (well pumpkin steamers, I'm one of those cool kids who can't stand the taste of coffee - I know what you're thinking and yes, I am 12 years old. But hey, pixie sticks are just as strong as caffeine... I swear!) and keep reaching for my new knits who recently joined the closet party, but the big apple has decided to give us a mini heat humidity wave... Awesome Sauce, thanks for that NYC, leaving us with one very important questions - If our long summer day's are already dead and gone, but the warm weather is still lingering, what the heck am I supposed to wear?
Striped tee's, leather shorts, black booties and a fall hat... That's what. If it's not Fall, let's fake it all while breaking in your newest bootie splurge (these Sam Edelman's are actually crazy affordable, so they have to count as an necessity, right?). Wearing all black and white helped with the seasonal pretending, and pulling on my new felt fedora for the first time didn't hurt either. Plus what's more fall than leather (Well, pleather) even if they have to currently reside in the shorts form to prevent constant sweating. If you really want to show Summer who's boss, add a dark lip (I like cherry bomb from Wet & Wild ... plus its like a dollar, seriously!) and a little black nail polish to show it you mean business. Take that mother nature! 

Old Navy Striped shirt c/o || Crepe Black Vest (a closet must have)
Leather Shorts (I'm actually selling this actual pair, size m - more info here)
Armed & Readi Bracelet || Tiffany & Co Rings

Before you go I wanted to gush (a little) & say Thank you!Last week I hit 10 thousand followers on instagram - what, BANANAS?! So we celebrated with a confetti party in my apartment...  My gosh, thank you so much for following along! I know I post far too many donut grams & Waffles (my dog, not the food) selfies, but we (Waffles included) really appreciate your choice to add a little color to your daily feed and hope we can continue to be insta besties!! See the celebration & join the party here.


  1. Very cute outfit! Perfect for this time of year going from summer to fall! Happy Monday!

  2. Love this hat on you!

    Heidi D.

  3. love the outfit! i'm a huge fan of stripes!

  4. It's definitely that awkward transitional time! LOVE this look. Such a pretty hat.

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  5. Cute hat Lady! Great to see you last week!

  6. You look so cute! I love this whole outfit :)

    xx Jess


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