Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Park Avenue Skate

So last weekend, I went roller skating … down Park Avenue! The fact that I was able to do so without breaking a bone or (more impressively) without hurting my pride was pretty astonishing, and to top things off, Paris was able to capture the whole thing on camera... well this is going to be entertaining...

Sorry I have been a bit MIA lately, things have been a bit crazy … but in a good way! I have so many exciting things in the work and I can't wait to share with you, so be sure to stay tuned and follow along on instagram (where a lot of the magic will be happening). Anyways, I promise I will be back to cluing you in to my every move from here on out :]
This past weekend was jam packed, on Sunday we went boating in central park and on Saturday we went to summer street - where they close down Park Avenue from down town all the way up to 77nd street. People choose to bike, run and jog through the city - and since I don't do either (Shopping is my Only Cardio and I don't know how to ride a bike … whoops) I opted to roller skate - how retro of me, right?
So what does one wear to a day of roller skating through the city? A full red midi skirt of course. I've been fully obsessed with Midi Skirts lately (this yellow one is was my summer fav, and I wore a different red one throughout last winter). I tied a basic white tee at the waist for a fun twist on the skirt - it was an easy way to update an otherwise dressy skirt to wear for the weekend.
I'm really impressed Paris managed to capture this craziness, did I mention he was wearing skates!
Basic White Tee || Coach Bag || Pearl Earrings || Shoe Dazzle Bangle
Ruby Woo Lipstick || Armed and Readi Rings || Madewell Rings

Hope your weekend was killer! I would love to hear what you got into, leave a comment below!


  1. Love your outfit! The skirt is amazing and I can't find it on ASOS!

    1. Thanks doll!! Follow the link or copy and paste the bellow :]



  2. I love this cute look! I've been obsessed with midi skirts too. I hope I can find somewhere I can go skating now!

    Theatricality by Mariah

  3. Fabulous skirt!


  4. This is so cool, what a bold way to photograph this outfit! Love that the retro vibe of the skirt is really completed with the rollerskates!

  5. I just had to check out your blog after you followed me on Instagram, and truth be told I am LOVING it and your style! Expect comments and favorites galore��



  6. You are just too cute in these photos!! It looks like a magazine shoot. Loving this look.

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style


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