Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Favs

I have been waking up a little early every morning to schedule time to read my favorite blogs (yes, schedule, that is what things have come too). Anyways, my early morning dedication will not go unnoticed, because I'll be sharing some of my favorite finds every Friday in my Friday Favs post. I shared my first must-see links last week, so be sure to check those out if you haven't yet. Go ahead, I'll wait ....

Great you're back now on to this week's must sees:

When doing research for yesterday's coffee table post I stumbled across this Harpers Bazzar article feature the The Biggest Closet in America. I have yet to sweep my jaw off the floor for the amazement that followed, but did learn that self made millionaire and closet Queen, Theresa  Roemer uses her clothing collecting powers for good, not evil, and opens up the doors of her three story closet mecca to host charity events - Now, what do I have to do for an invite? 

// Swimwear madness via Nanys Klozet //
I'm kind of obsessed with the Latina goddess that is Nany and have been yearning for a pool (or beach)  day all summer long so it's no surprise that I was obsessed with her recap of Miami Swimwear Fashion week! Plus I'm crazy obsessed with the outfit she is wearing in the first image -- Girl Crush!

// Statement Earrings by Poor Little It Girl //
Can we talk about how much I love the blog poor little it girl? it's amaze and one of my favorites. If I don't read any blogs one week I still always make time for Poor Little It Girl & Corals & Cognacs (speaking of which her outfit post for today is killer and her backyard bliss staycation  had me jonesin' for weekend get away in NYC). Sorry, tangent. Cathy shared a post on statement earrings today that has inspired me to dabble in the art of earrings (I am usually more a ring / arm party girl) so stay tuned to see that improvement on my wardrobe

More mouse action:
Sincerely Jules made me miss the southwest with her super cute Oaxaca (mexico) outfit that I couldn't ever pull off  // I love how Living In Color Print combined cobalt & yellow in this look // also was crazy about LACB's post on finding inspiration, getting outside (especially in NYC) can be a quick fix, where do you go to get inspired? 

P.S. Happy August (errr kinda)

Dear August,  no offense but I have never really been a fan of yours. You are that awkward month that is kind of in between seasons and always fickle with the weather. The stores start selling fall but I am still sweating off more foundation than I can keep on while becoming besties with my AC. Someday you decide to rain on my parade and other days it's just all humidity all the time (hence why I tamed the fro with a keratin treatment - thanks mom). Plus you official signal the end of my Birthday month and bring nothing in return except back to school for the kiddos and the end of Summer Fridays - boo! But August, this year you are not as awful as I have made you seem because of one polka dot piece of organized perfection - my shop bando planner of course! It's sadly sold out online but you can pick it up at any of the retailers listed here, so don't pout!

Hope everyone has a killer weekend !!!

P.P.S. don't forget to enter my give away to win this suh-weet bucket bag!


  1. Love this post! Great links! Have a fab weekend, girlie!

    Heidi D.

  2. Thanks Heidi! I hope you are enjoying the links! One bit of sad news, that closet was robbed over the weekend - I think it must have been due to all the press it got. Such a shame!!!


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