Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Statements

It's official summer - but I'm not yet wardrobe ready, uh-oh!
So today we're talking summer statements and showcasing a few ways to make a big splash with your seasonal style!

A Statement Shade
Summer is a fun, and playful season where anything goes! Now's the time to test out those giant cat-eye frames - they'll protect you from the sun while serving as the perfect accessory to spruce up a simple white dress! I double dog dare you to pick a statement shade in a powerful color for two-times the impact! If you're up for the challenge, just remember to tone down the rest of the look by wearing neutrals and simple silhouettes so you don't over do it!
Or you can create your own custom Diamond wedding ring via Anjolee, swoon!

A Statement Skirt
Just like Spring, Midi Skirts are a Summer must! They look fab, work for day or night and help keep you cool in the summer heat. And since flamingos are having a major moment this season (what took us so long), I don't see any reason not to show off your stems in a flamingo printed skirt.
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A Statement Print
Big, bold prints work great for summer. Invest in a strikingly printed maxi dress to pair with neutral sandals and matching bag. The end result will be effortlessly chic but still fashion forward and help you make a big summer statement!

A Statement Color
I have never felt the laziness of summer until I moved to NYC. Somedays, it's just too dang hot. I'm from Arizona, so I know heat - but the shorting New York humidity is a whole different animal that drives me bananas! Somedays I just want to throw on a simple skirt or dress and call it a day - that's when a statement color can really come in handy. Instead of reaching for black or white on those too-hot-to-care days, pull on a pink wrap dress, bright blue maxi or orange skirt! These brights will help make a cool summer statement and help hide the fact that you're trying not to melt into a colorful puddle.
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  1. LOVE the flamingo skirt, it's wonderful <3

    www.paseandoamissreichel.com - New post <3

  2. Stripey dress, love, Perspex clutch love even more!

  3. Love all these looks! I think the first is my fave!

    xo Kylie

  4. I love the flamingo skirt and the bucket bag <3

    Sweet Madame Blue


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