Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Orange Crush

I'm totally crushing on flowy skirts for summer, they are easy, effortless and conservative all while remaining fashion forward and functional! Plus they are perfect for those hotter than hot days we know are just looming around the corner

I love this eyelet lacey number from Black Swan. It's basically a low key peplum top - it pulls you in at the waist without being overly flared making it the perfect partner for this flowy skirt. I removed the skirt's draw string and added it to the top for a more cohesive look and because I love orange and mint together (such a refreshing combo) I pulled out my favorite bag from last year complete with perforated eyelet details. The bag has sadly sold out, but a little bird told me you can still find it at Kate Spade outlets! 

Orange can be a tough color to wear. As a child growing up in Arizona my skin was a few shades darker, especially in the summer (now I am addicted to SPF), so orange always complimented me really well. But as my skin lightened up, I started to shy away from this citrus inspired hue because I wasn't sure I could handle it. This year, I have made a conscious effort to do more of what scares me -- and that includes dressing outside the comfort zone. If you're planning on following my lead and taking a risk by wearing a color you are maybe a little unsure about, be sure to add different "confidence pieces" throughout the outfit, mine is this skirt!

For whatever reason this skirt makes me feel 6 foot 2 -- super model status. Truthfully, I am terrified of heights (I'm not afraid of falling from heights, I just don't like to get too far off the ground) but I like to pretend. Although it doesn't give me any extra height, this skirt makes me feel like a long and lean super model strutting her stuff down the cat walk --  okay, maybe I have been I have been binge watching a little too much top model. I think its the high low nature of this skirt that gives me that extra imaginary height, that paired with the "wind-in-the-skirt" fluidity gives me the confident to strut through the West Village like kate-mosses clumsy sister. I have such a blast wearing this twirl-worthy skirt that I never find the time to remember how self conscious I am about this color. So if you see a dizzy beam of Orange swirling it's way down 5th avenue, and trying (and failing) to refrain from chanting "Torro, Torro" don't be too concerned, it's just me ... having an orange moment.

I don't see this skirt going anywhere soon and it's so fun to shoot in you will probably see it gracing the pages of the blog all summer long. You could dress up a basic white tee or tank by tucking it in, I even would wear it with converse for a sporty-fresh statement. I can't wait to try it with a simple top & statement necklace, and this it would even be fun to wear with a little bit of leopard like a printed sandal!

Necessary Clothing Skirt (similar on sale) || Kate Spade Mercer Isle Sloan Bag
Karen Walker Super Duper Sunnies || C.wonder Heart Ring (similar)
Shoe Dazzle Cuff (similar) || H&M Golden Bobby Pins || Pearl Earring (similar)


  1. Love this outfit! So gorgeous.

    xo Amanda

  2. I love the way you tied the skirt's tie around your top! So creative <3

    Sweet Madame Blue

  3. nice style!! = ]


    new post

  4. orange is a nice color on you! too cute!


  5. You look so truly chic. And that bag is heavenly.




  6. Your posts are so colorful and optimistic - that's why I like to stop by and have a look.
    I like this post too and the way how you mixed colors. Very summery :)

  7. A good post expressing some really great thoughts. To stay trendy I like using trendy outfits with jeans. Adds a lot to girl’s stylishness.


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