Friday, June 27, 2014

Holy Sale

Holy Sale Alert…
Happy Friday! C.wonder and Shop Bop are both having their annual gianourmous sales, so big that I have resulted to making up words! I just wanted to take a second to share some of my favorites.

If you haven't been shopping C.wonder you are seriously missing out.
The perfect mix of pop & preppy are portrayed in bright colors with nautical nods. Some of my all-time closet favorites including this dress and the matching shorts all came from the perfection that is C.wonder store.

C.wonder also had a great event last weekend, C.wonder by the see where some of my favorite bloggers headed to the hamptons to Chris Burch's summer home while I sweated it out in the city with Waffles, don't worry, I'm not at all bitter. I did cool did a bit when I saw some of their amazing pictures, must-follow bloggers like Jessica of Bows & Sequins and Hallie of Corals & Cognacs were there celebrating in style and I also loved lemon stripes little recap post here -- too cute.

Shop Bop
The shop bop sale can be a little overwhelming, so many clothes, so little time ... and if you're like me, so little money. But don't stress - get the most out of by following these three simple rules to shop by

1 - Filter, Filter, Filter:
you have to refine your search, filter by your sizes and favorite designers but throw in a few wild cards, some of my must haves include DVF, Alice + Olivia, Party Skirts and Joie but I mixed things up by throwing in Mara Hoffman and DKNY.

2 - Add now, Refine later:
I follow my instincts, if I like something I add it to my cart and continue shopping, then when you are finished go back through and re-look at your finds. If you aren't getting the same emotional reaction you did the first time, save that sucker for later and move on to the flocks that make your heart skip a beat.

3 - Say yes to a Splurge:
I believe in splurging in moderation (is that an oxymoron?) - I grant myself one splurge per sale but it has to be a good one. Before saying yes to the splurge, I make sure to develop three ways to wear the piece I a dropping a pretty penny on. For example, I think this egg shell leather jacket is timeless, cool and seriously splurge worthy, I could wear it with pastel hues in the Spring (or the fall this year since they will be on trend), have a Winter White moment with a lbd and fancy shoes, over a bright, girly look to add some edge or with jeans and sneakers come Fall, Spring or for colder summer nights. This sparkly striped party dress is another splurge contender to pair with fun flats or sky high heels for a birthday dinner, wedding, bridal shower, new years eve, holiday party or swanky night out!

I wasn't too bad but of course I indulged. I picked up this darling dress -- perfect for beach trips or summer days, I am also envisioning it with white converse and a denim jacket, these must have sandals in white for only $145 $40 (they come in black & saddle too) and these classic tuxedo pants. I also said yes to this yellow striped number (can't wait to wear it with white jeans), the perfect weekend bag (i'm now regretting my choice to pass on the matching tote), a little monogrammed dog polo for Waffles (yes, I'm ridiculous) and another set of these gold glasses that I already have and love all from C.wonder.

At shopbop I stuck to the basics with this crop top that I will be wearing all summer long and this easy skirt to dress up with wedges or down with sneakers. I also picked up this darling Mara Hoffman dress (love how Bows & Sequins wore it here), which will be my first MH number - see it pays to add in those wild cards! Finally when I saw this little red DVF dress I knew it had to be mine, I didn't even feel an ounce of spending shame when adding it to cart - I'll be wearing it all summer long with sporty kicks or dressing it up with a sassy sandal!

I somehow resisted (and will probably go back for) this bright plate and matching cup from C.wonder as well as this must-have dress. And am also giving myself mad willpower props for fighting the urge to semi-splurge on this striped dress, which would be my 8th one... but it's different, I promise! I don't know how I was able to remove this red, bow jump suit from my cart but I did and was also able to turn down this crazy cute swim suit only because I have already purchased three this season and have yet to step foot near a body of water.

Hope you clean up big this weekend!
Happy Shopping!


  1. I knew I shouldn't have opened this post Courtney! I have been so good about not checking out the Shopbop sale-until now! Seriously though, great picks:)

    Heidi D.

  2. Shop bop sale look awesome, I'm off to spend my morning on there

  3. is the puppy for sale too??? LOL
    I love the heels #1 #2 & #4...
    great sale so it seems!


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