Thursday, June 19, 2014

As Good As Gold

A little gold can go a long way, but what about a lot of gold? Well today I am pushing the limits of this metallic color by piling it on! You can't ever have too much gold right?

Oh and because I'm dripping in gold and going to share an embarrassing confession from my past at the end of this post (stay tuned) I request that you read this post while playing the Goldfinger theme song from Austin Powers in your head. Cue music and Beyonce voice,"Solid Gold"

Dress: Ted Baker (this was my first Ted baker dress! an oldie but a goodie)
Belt: Saks 5th Avenue basic gold black belt via My Sisters Closet in AZ
Jacket: Nordies Black & Gold Moto Leather Jacket

Confession time - I have a bit of a gold obsession. Don't get me wrong, it's nothing like it used to be - There was a time when I was so obsessed I wanted my skin to have a golden gleam... I even looked into the specific spray tans that would help me get there - don't worry, I never went full Oscar - But when I saw these Gold Oxfords I fell in love. Once I discovered the are only $25 I quickly ordered myself a pair! Oxfords are often so stiff and awful - and whats the point of uncomfortable flats? These loosen up enough and somewhat mold to your feet - plus the perforation make them perfect for a summer shoe!

Oh and if you're not a gold gal (shame on you) they come in three colors, black, gold and a pewter/silver color - shop them all here!
 photo Untitled3d_zps3cf1c479.png


  1. I seriously adore that polka dot dress on you Courtney! I love the gold. I can see why you love that color!! xo

  2. Such great dress, you look cute!

  3. You can never get enough gold! It is great how you mixed and matched all up in different tones and patterns to make it look awesome, rather than an Oscar statue. Very cute dress too.

    Ana x

  4. Obsessed with the gold overload!

  5. I love gold and black so so much so this to me is just perfect!!


  6. Sam & Libby shoes are my favorite. You look gorgeous in gold :)



  7. Great look, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

  8. Gorgeous Dress!


  9. Oh boy! Just wow. Love your dress and your shoes are just perfect and adorable!!

    x Aurélie


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