Friday, May 30, 2014

Non-Stop Stripes

I'm feeling stripey today by twirling through the meatpacking district in the pattern I just cannot stop wearing (or buying) - black and white stripes!

Sooo what do you think of my new bag - lies! It's not new, as some of you may know its's my mom's from the 80s - but it's mine now and looks brand spankin' new thanks to a little TLC - where the C strands for cleaning! Although I really liked this bag's "well-loved" look and thought the wear and tear added to the overall appeal, it's soooo much nicer to have a clean, flawless, feels-like-new leather bag. As someone who has worked for many a handbag company in her day (Kate Spade, Coach), I was beyond impressed with Leather Honey's amazing leather cleaner and conditioner - it took years off my Coach Willis without damaging the leather all while maintaining the original quality. I recommend leaving the cleanser on overnight for best results, removing the excess and following up with conditioner the next morning - doing so will help give your well loved leather piece a swanky makeover! 

Shoes: Joe Fresh Shoes (On Sale in Store) // Similar round toe on sale here
Top: Basic scoop neck red/orange l/s tee from J.crew (old)
Scarf: Vintage find - absolutely loving this pink & orange one
Bag: Coach Willis old a classic! but they still sell an updated version here

 As soon as I saw this asos stripe skirt I knew I had to have it - I felt the same way about these darling striped pointed toe flats so I knew I had to double up on B&W stripes by pairing them together! I was never a big fan of the pointed toe (my feet are too cubby) especially in a flat - but my new go-to shoe has converted me to a pointed-toe believer! I picked them up in black & white stripe on sale at Joe Fresh as well as in solid black patent because I knew I would seriously regret leaving them behind!

P.S. Check out my quirky new phone case, I'm obsessed … Banana phone! What do you think, love it or leave it? (please say love it!)
I was recently featured on fashion bomb daily - yay! There was some really nice (and some not so nice) comments but someone said what my Boyfriend, Paris has been saying for ages - "I wish she didn't wear sunglasses in every picture". As a blogger, I have been hiding behind my sunnies lately - it's just easier but as a reader, I can see why it's a bit of a turn-off. I try to be as real, honest and down-to-earth as possible on my blog because my readers are so important to me and I want to give them nothing but the best :] as a result I am going to try my best to take off the Karen Walkers every once and a while ... here goes nothing! As always I appreciate your constructive criticisms and support - I would love to hear any other suggestions you may have a always try to implement them when possible!
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  1. Love the outfit and would try the leather cleaned because I have a coach bag that needs some TLC badly.

    1. Thanks! Let me know what you think ! I usually buy the cleaners from the retailers, which is probably a little bit of a rip off but I was completely blown away by this cleaner!


  2. Very cute case, thumbs up for trying new thins and taking off your shades. I am also obsessed with stripes. I literally have to refrain from buying striped clothes. Love this skirt by the way and the matching flats are awesome, I too love pointed flats.

  3. Such a fun outfit! Totally loving that skirt!

    xo Kylie

  4. Completely delicious! So many pretty details to fell in love about.


  5. Love the mix :)
    XOXO - Come and visit <3

  6. Love the mix of stripes and bright color, pretty look!

  7. Lovely outfit, your skirt is so cute <3

  8. Adorable! Loving the stripe on stripe action punctuated with bold color! Totally summer spectacular love, great mix!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  9. So cute! I voted bombshell, of course!

  10. I love stripes too and this b&w skirt is so nice and classical! Everything in this outfit is so well combined, I love this look.
    And banana phone is so cute! Keep it :-)
    Please stop by at when you have time and share what you think. I'm your follower, dear :-)

  11. This skirt is so freaking adorable on you, I love the shape!

    Kristina does the Internets

  12. Super cute!



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