Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Picnic

 The weather has been up and down lately, mother nature just doesn't want to commit to Spring! Anyways a few weeks ago we had our first warm weekend, so a few friends and I celebrated with a picnic in central park! Sorry for this delayed post, I had some computer issues, and thought these pictures were lost but the good old apple genius bar (and my boyfriend Paris) came to the rescue, so today I'm presenting the first picnic of the season… eek!
What's a Picnic without Levain…

Shirt: Black and White Striped Zara Crop Top
Jacket: Nordstrom Black & Gold Leather Jacket (oldie)
Pants: Jolt High Waisted Black Skinny Jeans via Nordies (only $26!)
Picnic Basket: Super cool vintage find (love this white one on super sale)
(similar styles here and I LOVE converse sneaker wedge here)
Hat: Vintage Bonnie Beret Green Beret Hat
Picnics come in all shapes in sizes, but my favorites are kept simple. Sparkling pink lemonade, goat cheese, a big baguette, fresh flowers, grapes (see, I am a little healthy….) and Levain cookies (okay, maybe not) made for the perfect park picnic! If you aren't familiar with Levain, shame on you! Just kidding, it is this charming little bakery on the Upper West Side that serves the most amazing monster cookies, that are larger than life in both size and taste! Since I live in the west village (Downtown) and my best friend Sheree resides on the Upper East Side, we often meet in the middle at upper west for our Saturday "bestie days". Sometime we go to a movie at our favorite theatre with reclining seats, and other times we have picnics in the park … but Levain cookies are pretty much always present! 
XO Courtney Quinn


  1. so jealous that you can just nip to central park for a picnic. i love that place

  2. What an adorable picnic outfit! <3

  3. Cute outfit girl! Love your little french inspired green beret!

    xxAuna |

  4. You look beautiful, love yours sneakers wedges style

  5. You look super cute! I looove that basket bag. I so need one of those. Feels like picnic time

    xx Cissy

  6. Love this look! The green beret is the perfect pop of color!

    1. Thank you! I love a green beret :)


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