Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sending All My Love

Valentines Day just around the corner (It's friday, don't forget!)and Since one of my new years resolutions is centered around celebrating (read the rest here) I have been on the hunt for darling Valentine cards & even making some of my own. I'm going to share my DIY v-day cards later this week and a sneak peek at the end of this post, but wanted to treat you with some of my favorite Valentines Cards today! 

 I'm obsessed with Papersource! I never make it out of there for under $50 - there's too much good stuff! So when I started searching for Vday cards, Papersource was my first stop. I fell in love with their  Donuts, Spec-Tacular and Incredibly Awesome Cards... their just too stinking cute! I also found some goodies at Urban of all places!
Donuts About You: Single Card // Set of 10
Incredibly Awesome: Single Card // Set of 10
& some more Vday goodies to get you in the mood.

 I'm sharing my full DIY Valentine card Friday, of if we're pen pals you might get it in your mailbox before then, but wanted to give you a little taste of what's to come today! My cards star a surgery treat, that I unfortunately couldn't really eat (I'm 95% gluten free, remember!). But they donuts didn't go to waste! My bestie, Sheree and substitute photographer while my boyfriend's got paid in pastries for stepping in to snap my pics!

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