Tuesday, February 11, 2014

MBFW // Control Sector

I've never wanted to be a man more than I do today.
Okay, that's a little bit of a lie ... I had a hardcore Tom-Boy phase as a child where I only responded to the name Jet and closely resembled Lil' Bow Wow - but those are dark days that I have since blocked out.

You can usually find me in twirl worthy skirts and blindingly bright lipstick, but MBFW designers of Control Sector have me contemplating changing my ways ... and perhaps even my gender? Okay, I'm being riduclous, but so is this line ... riduclous in the most amazing way.
After launching in June 2013, this fashion threesome (Two brothers Luke & Adam plus their design partner Maxwell) have created a unique lifestyle brand with an aggressive mix of influences. Bold prints meet oversized length in a functional yet unconventional collection that is still wearable! How do they do it? They're awesome, that's how. Their goal - make every piece a closet staple (well that puts my goal to never leave the house without lipstick to shame, thanks for that Control Sector) and if those aren't words to live by, I don't know what is!
Control Sector is shaking things up this year at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week by showcasing their re-invention of traditional menswear. This is not your boyfriend's boring sweater (which I have come quite fond of wearing lately, maybe my suppressed Jet is trying to escape. Say it isn't so!) - their lifestyle brand is the re-invented and non-tradiational line my inner Jet has been searching for. Their show will take place Thursday at Lincoln Center and collection will appear in stores across North America this spring. Make sure to follow along via twitter & Instagram to share in my VIP access to this exciting brand. 
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