Monday, January 13, 2014

Man Crush Monday

This one's for the boys ... well kind of.

 belt // ties (50% off) // iphone wallet // socks (sale) // belt
Let's face it, buying great gifts for the equally great guys
in your life can crazy challenging... & for me, it doesn't end after Christmas. With an anniversary in January, Two birthdays in February (Dad and Boyfriend), Valentines Day a week later and my Brothers Birthday in April ...
I spend the first few months of the year going man while hunting for the perfect man-worthy gifts! So this year, I'm starting early && sharing some of my favorite finds along the way.

The Modern Man: watch // money clip // crew neck
The Class Clown: wallet // socks // sneakers
The Grown-Up-Prepster: wallet // sweater // belt

The Holy Grail of Sale!
okay, I admit it, I've dove head first into the pool of the
after season sales and saved big on great goodies for me ... and only me. But last night, while browsing deals at Jcrew (how could I resist, their offering an additional 40% off select sale items), I dared to slide my mouse over to the mens section to browse some of their dapper discounts and my eyes widened in excitement with all the amazing finds! Aside from Jcrew and Jcrew factory (their also doing an additional 40% off sale), I also love fossil and
uncommon goods for guy-worthy gifts. 
Hey, Men can cook too! I'm a firm believer that the best gifts help people grow in some way or another by encouraging them to try something new or step outside their comfort zone. I'm also a big fan of themed gifts, so while brainstorming on what to get the boys in your world, try turning to manly kitchen musts. Oh and ladies, you guy doesn't have to be Guy Fieri to get cookin'; gift these goodies to you BF, and it might give him the slightest push to cook you something deee-lish, you're taste buds will thank me.
Have you met Paul?
Paul Fredrick is a snazzy yet sophisticated brand that offers high-quality menswear at affordable prices. They make shopping for any man a breeze with their perfect fit guarantee and free exchanges. Plus Paul Fredrick is fearless when it comes to fashion and pushes boundaries in color, pairings and print! Their Spring collection which launched today (pictured above) is no exception, featuring brights hues and bold prints that are perfect for mixing the matches and experimenting with the collection!

"Our Goal is to remove the clutter and yestery from men's dressing. Make it easy. So you can get on with more important things." 
// Shop Paul Fredrick here //

Well I hope this guy gift-spiration has helped jump start your Spring shopping for the men in your world. I can't give too much away in case mine are reading, but I cannot wait to start shopping to some of these guy-worthy giftables!

Big thanks to Paul Fredrick
for allowing me to preview their spring collection,
and to my brother, Trent for helping with some
of the kiss the cook suggestions.

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