Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday DIY

Happy DIY Friday!Today I'm sharing some seasonal crafts to get you in the spirit without breaking the  bank.

I'm so over Ugly Sweater parties! I've been at least one every year for the past five years ... bor-ring; and worn every ugly sweater under the sun (including one that light up ... pretty epic. But in New York Ugly sweaters can get expensive (especially in the west village!), so when I got invited to an ugly sweater party, but didn't want to spend $30+ on one, I found a literal loophole. With a little glitter glue and a $8 pull over from Old Navy, I was able to create an "ugly" sweater for under $10!

All you need is a pull over and glitter glue! I opted for washable glitter glue so I could remove the "ugly" after the party, but any glitter glue will do. I also turned my sweater inside out for the same reason. If you want to un-ugly your sweater post party, simply soak that sucker in hot water and hand wash it. All of my glitter glue came off with a 30-min soak, and I used a lint roller to removing any clinging sparkle specs. 

My pink ampersand is one of my favorite pieces of wall decor in my apartment (thank big thanks to my amazing friend Katrina who made this for me a few years back, I'm obsessed!). So for the holidays, I paired it with DIY "mix" and "mingle" signs to give it a festive twist!

All you need is a little paint or glitter glue and two canvases, frames or a mix of the two. You might also want to add gold stickers (see mingle) finish your art with a layer of modge-podge to give it that special shine. This project will cost about $10 per piece.

To add a layer of whimsy to your holiday outfit, try using a ornament as a quirky statement earring!
 Simply string a stud through the wire of a small ornament and ta-da, you'll be trim-tastic and ready to go! Oh, and this was the final touch for my Ugly Sweater outfit! I only wore one ornament to compliment my asymmetrical bob, but a set of two works just as well!

 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png 

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