Friday, December 6, 2013

Girly, Pearly Pullover

I'm excited to announce the return of DIY Friday with a girly, pearly twist on a classic pullover as feature in last weeks post: Times Square Tulle
This is an quick, easy and affordable diy (do it yourself), and can even be a "no-sew" project by substituting a needle & thread for safety pins and rhinestone glue. Use an old sweatshirt or pick one up for cheap (mine's from forever 21), and order the pearls or gems online or at your nearest craft store. Also, you can skip a step by buying a black bow via etsy!
Start by creating a black bow out of your fabric square (or using your premade bow) and sewing or pinning it to your sweatshirt (pinning it gives you the option to remove the bow, but make sure to use three pins so it lays flat). After you scatter the pearls to create a pattern, string your embellishments and sew (or glue them) them to your sweatshirt, and presto ... a pearly pullover!
See how I paired mine with tulle for a Carrie Moment in Times Square Tulle!

 photo cmc_zpsa472da3b.png


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