Monday, October 21, 2013

Apartment 6-6

Today I've very excited to finally share my NY Apartment, a charming little place tucked away in the West Village! It's still very much a work in progress and continual labor of love but I am still pretty happy with it so far, and cannot wait to see what you guys think. Plus as a extra treat, these pictures were taken by one of the most talented photographers that I am lucky enough to call my friend, Miss Claire Eliza! First up, the living room. 
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza1_zpse1a3cb9f.jpg
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I don't have much space in my living room, well actually in my entire one bedrooom apt, so I resorted to using the walls as decor, but also storage; hence why you will see bags and shoes displayed instead of nick-nacks and vases. My place is a pre-war train-style apt, meaning you have to walk through each room to get to the next, however I do have a bathroom door that disconnects from the hallway and a sliding door that closes off the bedroom. I don't mind my train-style apt, I actually think it's kind of quaint but having a train-style two or three bedroom with roommates where you have to walk through each room to get to your own, would drive me insane. After you pass through the living room, the bathroom appears on your right hand side, with the original renovated door from when the building was built.
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza21_zpsdb78ffc7.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza25_zpse2e00e79.jpg
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If you keep walking past the bedroom, you come into a long, narrow, hallway that serves as my kitchen. I don't cook much so the size doesn't bother me, there's actually too much cabinet storage in my kitchen that I store my shoes and jewelry on one side of the kitchen and my bangles and rings on the countertop. The kitchen also serves as the dining room for Sir Waffles, as well as his closet (a reupholstered old suit case that holds his vibrant wardrobe ... yes, I realize I am ridiculous).
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza28_zpsb16f842c.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza27_zpsb0da9a7e.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza26_zps919c8712.jpg
After you take two steps through the kitchen (it's really that small, it's just a hop from the bathroom) you pass the sliding door and into the bedroom, where the chevron and abundant wall decor continues. The bedroom holds my bed, a lot of my clothing storage (the rest is in 3 sliding closets that expands the length of my hallway) and another suitcase turned sleeping quarters for Waff. 
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza33_zpsd780a802.jpg
 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza29_zpsbc10f3a9.jpg
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 photo Apartment_ClaireEliza30_zps9d2d7325.jpg
And that's about it! My place is small, but it's charming and just enough for me (and Waff!)! I love the original features that carry throughout, like the original hard-wood floors and the original bathroom door. I tried to enhance these, with a vintage inspired whimsical decor: including crystal door nobs, wood accent furniture and records on the wall. I also played with color, pattern and texture while mixing my matches and experimenting with decor. Finally, I have been decorating in layers, adding pieces month by month before creating a cohesive look. The decor is different from my usual hollywood-regency-high-gloss-Kelly Wearstler inspired style that's all black, white a glam with a bright accent color, but did so in order to pay homage to the natural essence of my historic little place.

Most of my furniture was ordered online via Target and Urban Outfitters, with accessories from Modcloth, and I picked up a lot of things at local thrift stores, flea markets and just on the street! As odd as it may sound, people in the City (especially in the West Village) always toss furniture and buy new!

Shop my Apt here:

Like I said, my place is still a work in progress so I always have an ongoing mental list of things I want to eventually add to the apartment family! So here is the infamous wish list that haunts my decor dreams:

A big, giant thank you to Claire Eliza
for snapping these pics! See more of her pics on my
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  1. Yep, this apartment is perfect! Love every detail :)
    xo TJ

  2. Your apartment looks great!! I always justify spending money on handbags and shoes by saying I'll display them on the walls instead of buying art. This is a perfect example! How lucky to get such a cute one bedroom in New York!

  3. What a cute and cosy apartment! I love how bright and cheerful it is :)

  4. what a fabulous apartment, and I am jelly that you live in the West Village!!


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