Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Just my type

todays post features vintage typewriters, retro ready to wear and an adorable movie trailer that I cannot stop watching!
I don't have cable, but I do have apple tv! so i'll occasionally spend an afternoon catching up on movie trailers, and was doing just that went I stumbled across this darling one... 

I fell so in love with it, that I had to share! It also inspired me to show some of my favorite type-tastic items for sale...
laptop case (I bought this one for my mom for christmas, she collects vintage typewriters so I thought it was a perfect fit!)
ring // audrey hepburn art (love this one!) // bowls
bracelet (my mom has this one too, i've tried to steal it many of times without any success!) mug // ipad case

did you notice the outfits in the trailer? how could you not, they were practically the best part! well, incase you were interested  in getting the look, here's thirteen flirty frocks from my favorite brand: modcloth!

one // two // three // four // five // six

seven // eight // nine // ten (on sale!)

eleven (on sale!) // twelve // thirteen (sale!)
it's no secret I am a bit obsessed with all things vintage, so before you go, here's some of my favroiet retro-esque looks!

when life gives you lemons

a double dose of dots

make waves 

four eyes
coney island adventure
 photo Untitled134_zps4360aba1.png


  1. Seriously loved everything about this post! I love just about everything retro and vintage. And that film looks amazing! I'll have to stay on the lookout.

    1. Thanks Kayli! Me too! Do you ever shop at mod cloth? you should check it out for all things retro and fabulous!

      Xo Courtney


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