Thursday, August 22, 2013


today we're doing a bit of time traveling
the 80's are often described as either awful, or awesome and I usually think of them as the latter. so I chose to channel my inner madonna in this look for an 80's esque look!

jacket: h&m // vintage pearls // skirt: ktr (i'm obsessed!!!! also love the dress version, and be sure to check out her blog here) bag: moschino // heels: coach // arm party: rings: francescas (check me out at their blogger event here) // wire wrap // vintage 
I'm also loving the 1980's carrie bradshaw on the cw's the carrie diaries: a prequel to sex and the city that follows cb as she takes on the trials and tribulations of high school.
four ways to get carried away...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Kayli <3 everyone needs a little bit of 80's!!

  2. Aww really bummed that the polka dots top and heart top is sold out! :(

    P.S. You look so cute! xx

  3. awh boo! I'm still obsessed with the skirt I get compliments all the time! I'll be investing in the tea length one soon!!!<3


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