Monday, June 17, 2013

this dress

excuse me, while i show off the newest addition to my closet...
this dress isn't my usual shape (i'm mostly a fit and flair kind of girl) but i had to make an exception for this beauty. i'm crazy about the color blocking and the sparkle collar is the final finishing touch.

i also love that this dress doesn't need much, the color blocking eliminates the necessity for a belt and the sparkle collar serves as a build in necklace. you can just step on up and walk out the door.

dress: kate spade // shoes: coach // arm party: j.crew // kate spade //  rings: wire wrap // francesca's // handbag: kate spade // sunnies: miu miu 
i paired mine with colorful pumps and spots of sparkle, but here's another way to wear it!
 photo cmc_zps9fc2c7b8.png

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  1. Hello! New follower here!
    I am also crazy about Kate Spade but I tried thisdress and I was quite sad that it didn't fit me well at all. Very unusual considering I wear Kate Spade dresses a lot!!!!


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