Tuesday, April 30, 2013


today we step out in seafoam!
seafoam side note: mint is the it color this season! but my bestie Whitney has been smitten with seafoam for as long as I an remember. So this ones for you whit...
if you choose to try the mint trend, pair it with deep pink or even Kelly green! These contrasting hues will make your seafoam standout while still feeling spring!
top: modcloth // skirt: sandee royalty // shoes: kate spade // statement pearls // sunnies: miu miu // handbag: kate spade (on sale!) // rings: kate spade // wire wrap // arm party: idioms // sequin // kate spade
 photo cmc_zps9fc2c7b8.png

 photo Untitled138_zpsebb8bd40.png


  1. i love this!! i have those shoes and that bag, so i am PRETTY much 100% sure i need that skirt...

    1. You do! It's a goodie && very kate spade-esque

  2. This look is everything Courtney!!!! I am in love


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