Friday, December 28, 2012

friday feature w// uptown tulips

today's is another team-up post with the fabulous bree of uptown tulips && for our second collaboration, we're style stalking zooey deschanel!

it's no secret i am beyond obsessed with zooey d, we are style soul mates in so many ways and even share a few pieces of clothing! so today, i dusted off some of my favorite zooey inspired pieces to channel my inner zd.
i went a little bit color crazy && piled on the patterns, but added my book clutch for a dash of whimsy.

top: kate spade (also in black && white) // coat: kate spade (last season) necklace: francescas // book clutch: kate spade // shoes: kate spade // rings: wire wrap // betsey johnson // kate spade // tights: kate spade // arm party: sequin // j.crew // vintage x2 //  sequin // kate spade idioms // kate spade // j.crew //
and now i'll pass things off to bree who was also inspired by zooey d:
&& stop by uptown tulips to see bree's post && her product info :]
. . .
well that's all for today's holiday collab! make sure to tune in on sunday for another holiday team up featuring audrey hepburn && make sure to follow the fabulous bree at uptown tulips to stay keep up with her fantastic style. until next time...

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