Monday, October 8, 2012

for the love of dots

today's pots is dedicated to one of my favorite new pieces
i recently stumbled upon the fabulous blog ktr style, and her fantastic collection for sale, where i fell in love with the most amazing skirt! check her out!
at only $56, the construction is superb, the design is perfection && the dots are to die for! 

this skirt is a mini && hits above the knee but flairs out into a fun bubble shape! it's high waisted, so you can tuck a top in or wear something over the top! to get you inspired, here are some ways to wear it...
this skirt has become my new go-to piece && here's how i wear it..
one // two // three


  1. Love, you are too cute and have I mentioned how fabulous you look in polka dots?! :) Hope your move was a nice and easy one and you're all settled in! TTYS! xo


  2. I was DYING to find a look for a social day party and this skirt just MADE MY DAY! Thank you!


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