Monday, September 3, 2012

Sir Waffles

I wanted to take this monday post to introduce you to the new man in my life, waffles! We have only known each other for a few weeks, but I could not imagine living without him. Although no one is person, he is quickly learning to become the perfect gentlemen. So now without further adieu, I am going to hand the lease over to waffles himself, so he can introduce himself properly.

Hi there, I'm sir Waffles Leopold Nelson Fowler, but since I just met you & I already love you, you can call me Waffles. I am a fifteen week male old french bull dog currently residing in the great state of AZ. I hope you don't mind while I temporarily take over Color Me Courtney to tell you a little bit about myself...

 I'm a California native && I love my new home in Arizona but I have big city dreams && hope to be living in new york within a year (paws crossed).
I have been told I am brownish in color && have a black nose, but I can't seem to see it.
I have a little black line down my back && a white spot underneath my chin that sets my apart from the rest!
I also have big bat ears. They say I will grow into them, but I don't care either way, they make me unique && special!
I love to play all day long && will even make a funny face or two...
 I'm a hopeless host, just like my mommy && love to host a good party, as long as balloons are part of the equasion.
My favorite room in my new house would have to be mommy's new closet (don't worry, she will feature it on the blog soon). I love to sleep amongst the shoes && have sweet designer dreams. 
I think fashion is important for all people && pooches, so I always try to look my best.
I love bright bow-ties & fun patterns. I also enjoy black & white pieces, like my newest sweater that was a gift from mommy duex, aka Alaina.
Above all, I love to dress in theme && match with my momma.
I have recently met some fashionable new friends, like momma boyfriend Paris. He has great style, && sometimes we even match!
But, above all I love my colorful mommy, even if she is a little bit obsessed with me...
Well, that's my story thus far, thanks for reading! I will make sure my momma features me in some of her fashion posts every so often so you can continue to watch me & my style grow! Cheers!


  1. He is so adorable! After owning a Frenchie, you won't want anything else. Enjoy! He is too cute.

    1. agreed, I want more more more!! haha even though waffles is all I can handle! <3

  2. Cute pictures and he looks like he is right at home.


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