Wednesday, August 22, 2012

wednesday trends-day: trills&frills

it's wednesday, so lets talk trends!
today were tackling two twirl worthy trends: peplums & trumpet hems!
peplums were big big big for spring but are still hot for fall too! they give the illusion of a small waist or girlie curves. you can layer under them or over & wear them with almost anything!
we are all familiar with the popular peplum, but the trumpet hem is a less familiar trend that you may have not seen for a while...
trumpet hems are a bit trickier, they work best on tall or boy-ish figures, if you are too curvy or pear shaped, they can be unflattering so you might want to avoid this trend. I am a bit too bottom heavy for a trumpet hem skirt, or shirt. If you are bottom heavy or pear shaped & like to show off your ass-ets, try a fitted trumpet hem dress in a solid color, it will give you that booty-licious wow factor, without going over board.
one of my favorite trumpet hem pieces is this spurge worthy jacket from kate spade new york (are you surprised?) the trumpet is big enough to meet the trend requirement but small enough to be versatile. this tiny trumpet will work for almost every body type because the size allows it to stay flattering. this jacket also has statement details like a fun lining and bold buttons, plus the red color makes it perfect for this fall & for so many years to come. 

since my body type is more peplum friendly, here's how I pump up my looks with a patterned peplum top. I actually don't own any trumpet pieces yet, but i'll keep an eye out and send any ideas your way!
one // two // three // four Photobucket 

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