Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pink Panache

Panache: (Noun) person's flamboyant spirit
It's back... this outfit features one of my favorite tops once again, the fabulous kate spade francoise top from the 2012 ksny spring collection.
I always end up feeling too casual when I am just wearing something simple and sleeveless, but this sparkly number brings the bling to an otherwise borderline boring silhouette.  

Because I am so crazy for color, I try to stay away from all black outfits year around, especially in the summer where I try to celebrate the weather with bare legs and bright hues. Nevertheless, I broke my own rules today (and really, isn't that what fashion is all about?) by being bold in all black!
Despite my disobedience, I kept it colorful with my current color crush: bright pink.
if you like this look, hype it!

top: kate spade // skirt: boutique'd (@ modcloth) // shoes: j.crew // handbag: kate spade // glasses: tomford // earrings: vintage // rings: kate spade // diy domino ring // arm party: forever 21 // j.crew // juicy couture // kate spade

as always, I would love to hear your feedback? was I successful in my attempt to take this top from spring to summer without fail? what about all the black? how did I do in making this dark & daring outfit summer appropriate?


  1. I love your domino ring! I was looking at my scrabble game today...very tempted to DIY some of the scrabble letters. I might get in trouble with the scrabble players in the family though. They wouldn't miss a domino, right! Just one...

    1. Thanks sandee!!! I now sell them via etsy :] https://www.etsy.com/listing/106162387/domino-ring

  2. I loved your outfit, also the accessories. Good job.


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