Monday, July 2, 2012

Marketing Monday: Fall in Love

As promised, todays marketing monday is all about ksny fall 2012!
So prepare to fall head over heals for the new kate spade new york fall 2012 collection

The collection hits stores this month and draws inspiration from the french with a touch of bold elegance and fabulous whimsy. 
I love the fun patterns and bold bags!
Although this collection takes kate in another direction, the classic spade-worthy touches like the exposed zipper remain constant throughout the collection.
Just looking at this collection has made my poor wallet start to pout, but I guess being broke is a small price to pay for adding these amazing pieces to my collection... here's a look at some of my future purchases, that I simply cannot live without

If I could buy it all, I probably would. So if your style is slightly different than mine, here are a few other stand out pieces!

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  1. I liked the items and I wasn't surprised to see some pokadots. Have a great Fourth of July.


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