Monday, July 23, 2012

Marketing Monday: Catwoman Couture

Don't judge me, but I've totally joined the bat-wagon...
 After seeing the newest batman movie, the dark knight rises, I am totally obsessed with all things cat woman. Therefore had to dedicated this marketing monday to this pretty kitty & purrrfect outfits.
I like Anne Hathaway as a person and an actress, she is cool & confident with a style all her own, but I was skeptical when I heard she was to play this fabulous feline. Although I was not completely blown away by her portrayal, I was rather impressed and pleasantly surprised.

 While the acting is always an important component, I am no critic, so I like to focus on the fashion, which left me inspired. After (and during) the movie, I became obsessed with embodying the edge & elegance of this ferocious feline into fashionable looks, take a peek...

a flirty/girlie catwoman combines bold whimsy with statement pieces.
the edgy catwoman pairs sleek lines with lots of leather and finishes with a red lip.
perception is one of her best weapons, everyone underestimates her. This catwoman keeps everyone on their toes by straddling the line between naughty & nice.
 the classic catwoman (inspired by a party scene in the movie) slips on a simple lbd and sky high pumps. She attends with a bare neck, but never misses a chance to accessories and leaves the party draped in a new pair of purrfect pearls. 
my favorite catwoman is a walking contradiction and so is her outfit. she is sneaky but stands out, classic yet crazy, edgy yet elegant, fierce yet flirty and everything else in-between. 

Speak Up:
what did you think of the movie? what about anne hathaway and her performance? and most importantly... which fierce feline look is your favorite?

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  1. love this definitely a classic or purrfection :)

    1. style twins!!!! those two are my favs! classic for a night on the town and purrrfection for ferocious crime fighting

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  3. You failed to put Eartha Kitt nor Halle Berry on this..Julie Nemar was the first, however, not posting two black beautiful superhero's who also played Cat-woman, who both represent elegance and beauty as well makes this post incomplete.

    1. Thanks for your opinion, I always welcome responses so I appreciate you speaking up. This post was in response to the most recent batman movie, hence why I featured the most recent catwoman. Additionally, this post was not supposed to be the history of previous cat women, instead I was displayed a specific cat women style that although beautiful and elegant, neither Halle or Ertha possessed. I love and respect them and their performances, but was not inspired to post in respect to their signature styles and race was in no way a factor. As a result, I'll have to disagree with you for I feel my post was complete, this is not meant to be a movie blog but rather a style blog and I displayed style inspired by the most recent film. Thanks for your response <3

  4. Those shoes are to die for. I love this as a classy halloween work outfit .


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