Friday, June 1, 2012

Style Spotlight: Carried Away

It's time for another style spotlight!

I've been watching sex and the city from the begining latley so I am becoming slightly more obsessed, with carrie and her ever changing style. In this look, she is channeling a trend from last year that is still hot for spring/summer 2012: pattern mixing! Lets take a look at how its done.

Rookies... listen up!
If you are new to pattern mixing, the easiest way to get the look without looking over the top is to stick to black and white and maybe one other color (like red or pink shown above). You can even mix different mediums of the same print, like spots on spots in spots (top row, center). Also pick easy to pair prints, like stripes and polkadots - a perfect match. 

Challenge yourself!
mastered the spots and stripes combo? great! now let's explore more advanced pattern mixing. Before you even get started, pick a theme. Do you want your look to be casual & fun? or are you craving to channel pastels? your theme can be a color pallet (pastels), a style (nautical) or anything else, just make sure you have one! Then look for complimentary colors: you may stick to the primaries (casual&fun: red, yellow and blue) or pick one starting piece (the skirt in printed pastels) and pull colors from within that piece (baby blue and pastel pink). Whatever you choose, keep it simple... use simple silhouette and accessories (such as a big solid belt) to tone the look down and separate your printed pieces!

Now, lets get carried away...
In our style spotlight: Carrie is wearing stripes on stripes in both horizontal and vertical patterns! You can easily recreate this with pieces you probably already have in your closet, or can pick up at an H&M or Forever21 for cheap. Just pick a color scheme, grab two striped or color blocked pieces, dress it up with a statement necklace, belt it and tone it down with solid shoes. The "Bold" look most closely resembles Carrie's, only she would probably be wearing red manolo's instead.

Happy Pattern Mixing!
I would love to see what fabulous outfits you come up with!



  1. this is a great post! I am obsessed with pattern mixing right now!

  2. This might sound silly , but I have just discovered pics of your newsprint nails, I love them. Tried it out and it worked well until I put a coat of clear top coat on, then they smudged. How did you prevent this. I did leave them for ages to dry out first


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