Friday, June 22, 2012

Diy Friday: Chevron Clutch

Color Me Crafty...
Since I am the self proclaimed queen of crafting (let's be honest, I am just too cheap so I end up doing things myself instead of buying them) I claim this friday and every friday from now on, diy day!
The first DIY project, we are giving this tired old clutch a make over!
So now that you have gotten a little tease, let's learn how to make it! This project is super easy and will take about 4-6 hours but most of that is drying time.

What you will need:
Start off by finding an old white clutch either in your closet or at your nearest goodwill (mine was $3 at goodwill). Then you need two rulers (optional), painters tape and spray paint!
Tips and tricks:
Make sure to clean your clutch first, you don't want any dirt to compromise your finished product! Do two or three coats of paint but make sure you let it dry in between! Also gently pull the painters tape off at an angle to prevent ruining your pattern and wa-la, the perfect chevron clutch... for less!
let me know what you guys think!?Photobucket

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